Lunar Eclipse

There’s a Lunar Eclipse right now, and it’s starting to show around my place.

Can anyone else see it?

No. I’m under a tronado watch…:eek:

I can see it.

It’s supposed to be here in 30 minutes or so.

Lucky you…

Isn’t a spring tide happening right now? Or a Neap?

It’s here, but it supposdly takes about 3 hours to do, and I dont have 3 hours to sit and stare into the sky.

I just went out and looked at it- the eclipse is really pretty amazing to see.

The moon was really bright about 2 hours ago, though watching csi at the time i didn’t get a closer look, doh. It now looks to be covered by some clouds partially or the lunar eclipse is almost near? I just see a top little curved sliver of the moon though it isn’t too bright now, but i can see most of the stars around. I don’t remember what lunar eclipses were supposed to look like ^ _ ^;

Aww, I knew I forgot something. Oh well when’s the next one?

November 8th

Then there’s a solar on November 23rd.

sigh Unfortunately, it wsn’t in my area, which PISSED ME OFF.

Cest la vie.

too cloudy where I was.

I thought it was though-out the entire US. I mean unless you are too far north

Oi, I thought it was just happening in the west. It’s happening now. DAMMIt.

Perfect, clear night for viewing too.

Was at the Matrix. I’ve seen enough of them, so no big loss.

Too cloudy to see.:frowning:
Well, it might have not been here anyway. Too far south to see it.

Isaw it after my mom woke me at 11:00 to watch it. I glanced at it an then fell asleep.

Nothing but clouds were in the sky last night…

Was asleep. :frowning: It was too early in the morning when it got here, AND I had to go to school. No fair. :frowning:

I saw part of it.