Lulu’s best weapon.

Yeah, the Onion Knight. I’m using a FAQ for this since I did not feel like checking every last damn spot in the game for the obscure methods to obtain these weapons and the FAQ says I need both the Venus Crest and the Venus Sigil.

I have the Celestial Mirror, I have the Onion Knight, I have the Venus Crest.

And then there’s the Venus Sigil. The FAQ tells me to go to thunder plains and evade 200 thunders in a row, without exiting the area, saving or getting struck. So I try, and try, and try, and after several attempts I manage to do it. All two motherfucking hundred jumps in a row.

And nothing happens. The Sigil is not there, no message and the weird plant thingy in Macalania Forest only upgrades the Onion with the Crest, not Sigil.

I’m about to pop a vein here. WHAT HAPPENED?

Stupid question, but did you open the chest in front of the Travel Agency at the Thunder Plains? I think you have to open it, leave the screen and then open it again for each prize.

No, you don’t. But you do have to open it once after you did the 200 bolts. If you’re lucky it’ll still be there… if not, you have to do it again. 8-\

Doh! It was there, thank you. Fiuuuu…

I got hit at 191 and then just gave the fuck up. I got Yuna learning most of the good Black Magic anyway.

Both Lulu’s and Tidus’ weapons are the hardest to get.

I lost my sanity thanks to the music…

And lost it again when I realized I coulda like, MUTE…

Tidus and Kimahri are by far the most annoying. Lulu’s isn’t that bad once you get used to it; it can just be a little frustrating.

Tidus’ was the easiest I’ve done, doing 0:00 isn’t that hard once you get the hang of it, and Lulu’s wasn’t hard, only tedious. Once I passed the 70ish lightning I stopped watching the screen and worked on pure mechanical repetition.

As long as I’m here, the guide says I need to pray at the Cactuar stone in the lightning pass to get Kimahri’s lance, but I only get the “A strange stone” message.

Press Square.


How was I supposed to know that? I mean, there’s usually at least some clue hidden by some seemingly meaningless NPC dialogue or something for these quests like in FFVI, these are just plain obscure.

You know what, I better get a more complete guide. Thanks.

I’ve gotten all of the Celestial Weapons and upgrades except for Wakka’s second upgrade. I just don’t know if I can bring myself to blitz that much… blegh…

For the lightning, my trick was to mute the TV. Somehow some noise or the music would throw me off pretty early into it (before 50, but I got around 90 once); after I turned off the sound, getting 200 was a lot easier. I don’t want to say that I did on my first try then, but I may have.

Agreed… FFX is impossible to complete without a guide. FFX-2 is even worse (the hoops you have to jump through to reveal some of the hidden dungeons is just ridiculous).

GRRRR!!! Remember how I said I was replaying FFX in another thread? I just need to vent RIGHT NOW that I am VERY pissed off at the lightning dodging minigame! I literally just broke a controller over it, its pissed me off so much! WHY THE HELL DOES SQUARE HAVE TO DO ALL THIS MINIGAME SHIT? NOTHING pisses me off more than minigames, I hated chocobo racing, I hated the arena in both FF6 and FFX (and by extension, monster hunting), I was annoyed by the timesink that is blitzball, the only one I could stand was the card game, which was useless in FF9!

From what I understand, theres a lot of minigames, or somesuch, in FFX-2? Please validate for me, because if there is I am so fucking skipping it. Hell, right now I feel like outright boycotting square outright for this mess.


No, there aren’t many actual mini-games, but the story is entirely mission-based. There are pretty much just two big mini-games (Sphere Break and Blitzball), neither of which are required for you to continue.

…In fact, none of the mini-games are required for you to play through a game. I can honestly say I barely touched blitzball in either FFX or FFX-2, and I totally ignored the mini-games in (e.g.) Xenosaga. As in literally; I never even saw what they looked like. If you don’t like the mini-games, here’s an idea: DON’T PLAY THEM.

Truth. Advice I’d normally follow. I just decided to try something different, and had to vent afterwards, so dont mind my unseemly rage.

I tried the mini-games in Xenosaga once and I’d rather never see that again. The A.G.W.S fighting looked cool but it was hard as hell to maneuver and the Drill was unbearably boring.

I kind of agree with FFX too, getting the Mercury Sigil (Cactuar-catching side-quest) took forever and everything else seems designed to frustrate you as much as possible. Although the butterfly mini-game for Kimahri’s Jupiter Sigil was a lot easier than Cid’s comment made me think.

The worst part of all this is that if you complete all the side-quests, all the challenge is gone. I’m a completion freak, so it would be cool if after getting all the special crap, the final boss disabled a limiter or something to still pose a challenge. And yes, I’ve seen the Arena, thank you.

Those butterflies were conjured by Satan. Only the Dark Lord of Hell could create a minigame as annoying as that. Dodging lightning and racing chocobos was a cakewalk compared to those infernal lepidopterans.

The butterflies were mostly static. Once you learnt how to dodge each butterfly, which amounts to remembering which wall to stick to, it was a cakewalk.

dodging the 200 lighting was easy only if you had the no encounter ability, cos most probably you will get strike after you finished a battle and returned back to screen… i hate tidus and kimhari minigame to get the sigil…