Luigi is a crook.

And Toad is in on it, that’s why he’s always smiling. I swear that son of a bitch has his entire casino operation rigged like the CIA building. Bugsy Seagal would be proud.

Just because you hate Italians, doesn’t mean that they are all crooks

wtf has this to do with games?

Gee I dunno.

|Damage|, you damage my brain with your stupidity.

Luigi’s minigames? :stuck_out_tongue:
Yeah its rigged. All rigged!
Beside the poker. goddamn its easy to win

I guess old mushroom head has another reason for smiling other than…uh…mushrooms.

Luigi had hands in ‘mushrooms’ too. ‘Growth’ mushrooms, ‘upper’ mushrooms, and even ‘death mushrooms.’
He’s pretty badass, bt you have to wonder when Toad’ll get ambitious. The coup will be awesome to watch, like in the last episode of Cowboy Bebop.

Finally someone who realizes the truth about Luigi. His plunger turns into a plunger and he beats down all who oppose him.

sorry bout that, but I still haven’t got a clue what’s it about…

In the new Mario game, Luigi kills Mario to take control of his Mafia empire, duh!

I have dibs on Mario’s hat. Then I’ll sell it on ebay an be so rich I could BUY the Mofia.

Mario’s Match game is fucking IMPOSSIBLE on the higher levels. The koopa-troopa shell bocce-ball ripoff game is fun though. (Yoshi’s…i think).

How about “magic” mushrooms?

Dude, they’re all “magic” mushrooms.

I meant the ones that make you have visions.