Luck @ Basic/AIT

Hey I know this might not be a relevant thread, but I’m going to Fort Benning in Georgia for some good ol’ Infantry Training for the Army. I pray I won’t die, but I’m in good shape. If you wanna, leave some luck or a little lovin’ on the side :kissy: :get it?: because everyone needs love.

Good luck!

Luck be with you.

Dont die on me man! But yeah good luck and be careful though maybe not too careful as in overly cautious.

What kinda lovin are you looking for? :get it?:

Pretty much standard lovin’…from females… :get it?:

As much as I hate the military, I hope you don’t die a terrablely painful death.

Just remember! Don’t kill anyone :stuck_out_tongue:


Remember; it’s not illegal if they shot at you first.

That’s what “It’s comin’ right for us,” is for.

Followin in Ath’s footsteps, too bad you dont know who that is. Yeah have fun, if you werent OSUT then i’d tell you basic is a hell of alot more fun than AIT, but since your training is all like basic, fun times for YOU.

Don’t die.
I want a peaceful weekend.

I’ll never die…I’m slick like that.

ERRRRR KILL! Don’t worry, it is nothing but fun…especially if you’re in shape.

I’m sure it is…starts blinking and breathing nervously well tomorrow I’m off to Logan Airport. Peace and I’ll see you all in the fall.