Love Hina

I should pist this in the anime fourm but has anyone seen Love Hina? I just found out about it. What’s it about anyway?

You’re right, this should be on the anime forum. It’s about a guy who’s trying to get into Tokyo University in order to fulfill a promise to a childhood girl friend. He gets to be the manager of an all-girl dorm and all kinds of crazy stuff happens.

Ah. Is it even worth watching?

It’s pretty good. There’s not too many episodes so you can probably watch 'till the end of it without spending too many hours downloading.

Are you stupid? You’d be doing yourself a huge injustice not to watch it. It’s the second best anime I’ve seen next to Eva.

No I am not stuped. I just don’t know a fuckin thing about it. If one has not seen something one usually dose not know how good it is. You follow or do I have to put it in simpler terms?

What are you talking about? Why would I need simpler terms? Do you talk just to hear the orgasmic sound of your own voice?

  1. My post was rhetorical. I didn’t actually imply that you’re stupid.
  2. Learn how to type before you ask people if THEY need simpler terms, “stuped.”

“Dose” that make sense to you, or do you need it explained in simpler terms?

watches Hades burn

Love Hina is…really good. It’s not the best, but it is really good. It’s in the same line as Tenchi Muyo, but without the scif-fi and with more panty shots. The slapstick is pretty good, but the show suffers from what we’ll call the magnetic hands-clumsy feet dual effect. This states that if someone trips, slips, or falls, his hands will end up on an inappropriate place on someone else’s body. Much hilarity is supposed to ensue…but it gets old.

Yeah seriously Hades, shut up with the “cool” questioning of people about their intelligence :stuck_out_tongue:

But to get back on topic:

Yes, Love Hina is very good and definitely worth watching…

But I’ve heard that Love Hina Again isn’t worth it, so don’t get that one, just the original series.

Love Hina Again is only 3 episodes, no harm in watching it.

Love Hina was funny at first, but it gets old when the same situation occurs seven or eight times in the last five seconds.

Does it even exist in English?

Since I currently have DVD rips with Japanese and English audio tracks, as well as having seen them for sale… yes.

Thanks, so off I go to find some…

Love Hina is great, but I am a fan of that sort of anime anyway. Don’t get me wrong, I like other kinds, but I will always like the “boy surrounded by a bunch of crazy women” genre.

love hina is one of the first animes i saw, it still a great series, absolutely hilarious. I’ve seen funnier animes (like GTO) but love hina is still definately worth watching.

I personally suggest you don’t watch “again” and end on the “winter special” i know thats going against chronological order, but the winter special is just a more “final” ending for me.

Love Hina is okay, I have the Spring Movie from Last Christmas, but It can get a little bit slapstick.