Love Hina

Has anyone here seen Love Hina? I just found out about it. I seen some wallpapers (and I must say it looks pretty good.) What is it about anyway?

It’s a good thing I saw this thread. I was abou to make one of my own.

I just got into it a few days ago too. I d/l’ed winamp and have been watching it on streaming video. It’s great. It’s like tenchi (guy living with a bunch of girls, hyjinks ensue) with not much else. It’s kinda redundant, Narusegewa sending Keitaro flying gets old after the third or fouth time. But it’s pretty good. I love the opening theme song. I really shouldnt, but I do.

Damn, this is from two months ago? I hope someone replies to this…

yeah, Love Hina is kinda how Dragon descibes it, there’s a little more, and whenevr anything goes wronge they always blame it on Keitaro, He spends most of the series flying and being called a pervert and he doesn’t deserve any of it. You have to see the RPG episode though, it’s my favorite one, it is so funny. Also watch the spring special after you finish the series.

Still Love Hina didn’t make my top 10 list, I highly recomend SMJ, Soul Hunter, and Slayers Next (watch the original Slayers first though) above all else, but if you’ve seen those (or they just arn’t your preffered “flavor” of anime) then by all means try Love Hina. As always rent or borrow it before buying it. Anime can get to be an expensive hobby after all.

I got to ep 15…kinda lost interest after that…I may pick it up sometime or later.

A lame dedo of the old ‘boy with harem of hot girls’ theme.

i know nothing about the series, i’ve just seen a few wallpapers on and this one game online was pretty stupid, i found out that it was a dateing sim where u get around by chosing yer options lyk turn left, the goal is to go on a date and kiss the girl, lost interest before i got that far though, you get into fights, and when they say kill u they mean it, u dont die, they just do things like jam pens in your eyes, all of them are psychos to

I love Love Hina. Theres also a christmas speical too. I saw all the episodes and saw the spring and christmas speicals. :moogle:

Love Hina is hilarious :stuck_out_tongue:

Love Hina again was worse though. They should have left it at the Spring Special.

yeah, i didn’t like Love Hina Again.

how do you get tired of Love Hina, :eek: anyway ya i’ve seen it, good anime, the series got me addicted to anime in general. a gateway durg so-to-speak. i just wish they stopped after the christmas special, everything after that sucked.

hmm… havent seen any episodes yet, heard it was funny, but gets old. is it worth checking out?

i havent seen the episodes but i do read the manga alot. all 14 books are out but i only have 4 of them