Love Hina

Best fucking magna I ever read in a long time. It makes me very sad.

Well, I’ve already seen the anime, but reading the manga is nice too, because there’s some differences in the story, some scenes are there, some aren’t.

And besides, we recently got a magazine here in sweden that has some 4 mangas (one of them being LH) so now I can annoy by friends by knowing what happens before they do :stuck_out_tongue:

Darn, I just love that anime serie. Its funny as hell to see those girls beat poor old guy up.

Indeed. To bad Tokyo pop did a hack job on the US manga release…Especially mangas 11-14…:fungah:

It’s like a new age ranma. Me likies.

The Love Hina Manga is pretty good so far. Much better than the TV series. Even Naru seems to be likeable now. Still got to finish the volumes though. Even though I have the whole series (Manga).


I have the complete series on DVD, haven’t read much of the manga though, however I picked it up a few times at the bookstore. It’s an alright series in my opinion, though some of the stuff doesen’t appeal to my tastes to much I still found myself entranced while watching it, hehe.

I still think the manga is supperior then the anime.

The manga is far superior to the anime, in my opinion…

Originally posted by Lord Zhou Yu
The manga is far superior to the anime, in my opinion…