Love and Other Drugs

Surprised to see me review this movie? So am I. But since I had to sit through it for two hours, I though I’d get it out of my system by writing about it. And hey, there’s actually a few interesting things about it.

First off, the reason I saw was that my sister Ivonne had a birthday recently so we celebrated by going to the movies. However I was under the impression we were going to see the latest Narnia… instead, Ivonne’s daughter Nelimar insisted on seeing this movie because she’s a big Ann Hathaway fan. Ehh, whatever, it was my sister’s choice.

I quickly found out why she insisted, though: this movie isn’t a romantic comedy. IT’S FUCKING PORN!!! :eek: No, that’s not an exaggeration: Miss Hathaway (and nearly every other main character) not only has near-full-frontal nudity (everything except genitals shown) plus several sex scenes, and I’m not talking disrobe-fade out-wake up together style things, I mean ‘BANG HER AGAINST THE WALL’ kinda things!!! O_O Wow! Nobody told me that was going to happen in this movie! (Ivo must have known, and decided to keep an eye on Nel and her date.)

Hathaway’s other movies are tame next to this (which may be the idea, to break her girl-next-door image.) Now, I don’t mind this stuff, hell I watch my fair amount of porn online; it’s just that most of it felt so gratuitous. I know that this is a comedy about a Viagra salesman, and with stars like her and Jake Gylenhall I understand exploiting their sex appeal to the max. But having every character cynically talk about sex for nearly 70% of the movie gets old very quick.

Oh, and want to know the funniest (unintentional) part? The movie had subtitles in Spanish (most movies aired here do)… that were censored. For example, the characters threw the F-word around all the time but the captions just had them say “have sex.” While this is typical when dubbing something for TV (we are not as Liberal as you people are around here) this is a movie with UNEDITED SEX SCENES going on. The inference is that TALKING dirty is bad but SHOWING RAW SEX is not. HAH!:hahaha;

The movie has a big problem, though: it tries to be too many things at once. It tries to be a full-blown sex comedy; but it also tries to be romantic (the main characters just want to have sex, not a relationship, but fall in love anyway, and not very convincingly) and worst of all it tries to be tragic as well: Hathaway’s character has Parkinson’s Disease. That isn’t fatal, but it slowly destroys your body and mind (and yes, it’s incredibly rare but people of her age DO get it sometimes.) There’s no cure for the disease, meaning that even though they stay together in the end, at some point in the future she’ll decay away and he’ll be forced to watch helplessly. At this point, the movie, which had us going with Viagra jokes and Slam-Bang (nonviolent) “action” so far, gets all preachy on us. It doesn’t work, not for me anyway.

Love and Other Drugs isn’t a bad movie- you can see it for the sex or for the (admittedly ) sad twists, but it isn’t a major movie in any sense. I never would have paid to see it in a theater had it been up to me. Wait for the DVD. Or the (heavily edited) broadcast version. :hahaha;

Sounds like utter crap. I wouldn’t be caught watching it.

We all die a little bit every day. And when you see a shitty movie, that’s about two hours of your precious life stolen from you. As well as about $20 on popcorn, alone. GONE. FOREVER. FUCK WHOEVER WROTE THE SCRIPT FOR “THE FOUNTAIN”. NOT EVEN THE PRESENCE OF DIPPIN’ DOTS MADE THAT MOVIE WORTH SEEING.

Sometimes, directors who make rad weird movies forget their movies need to be both rad and weird to be rad and not just weird. Aronofsky with The Fountain, David Lynch with Inland Empire, Werner Herzog in one or another of his movies depending on who is axed, etc.

No, INLAND EMPIRE is pure genius.

I like it, but I feel like it’s the one the most people hate.

I’ve never seen it, whats it about.

I can see why given there is no clear or distinct narrative to it… I definitely hear more praise of Blue Velvet, Muhullond Drive etc. which is funny because I’ve only seen his weirdo films (Eraserhead and Inland Empire) and his “weird” film (Dune).

I LOVE weird stuff :smiley:

Wait…David Lynch made something that wasn’t weird? O.o

Well, that was what was so weird about Dune.

The Straight Story isn’t really that weird, either. To be honest Dune just kinda blows. No offense meant to those of you who like it.