I really don’t know what to think or say about this,so umm yay?

Sounds kinda interesting. But I like a game with character development… and will this actually have it?

I have a Bad Feeling About This ™ …

I figure rpg’s normally do a better job at character development than hack and slash games. I hope it does too.

From a magazine I have it is described as ‘the fantasy equivalent of KoTOR,’ which can only be good right? Oh, and you can be evil.

I’m hoping for a proper character creation thing, with all the races (even orc, you gotta have orc) and a good range of classes. Also hoping for some decent features, like mounts and a good magic system. My hopes aren’t high, it’s gonna suck, I can tell.

Well, I’m sure they’re going to mess up the Elves. The movies were already borderline with that. I can just see them putting a hundred Legolas look-alikes in this game. It still bugs me how they portrayed the Elves in the movies and I can’t see this being all that much better. I just hate seeing them fall into cliches that are different from how Tolkien intended.

Considering Lord of the Rings is a) The worst series of books ever, b) one of the worst series of movies ever, I can only deduce that the Lord of the Rings games will be one of the worst series of games ever.

Sorc, people on this forum are well aware that you dislike the LOTR trilogy. You don’t need to shove it down our throats every time there’s an LOTR thread.

Sure I do. I haven’t been around in a few days and we haven’t discussed this recently, so I felt it was neccessary to refresh your memory.

We don’t need our memories refreshed after a mere few days, silly. We generally remember stuff six months old (at least TD does). :stuck_out_tongue:

Shades of the SNES LotR game, anyone? Seriously, I don’t have high hopes for this.

Haha! I forgot about that game! Ugh, painfull memories. Well hopefully this new one might be a bit better then the old SNES game.

I haven’t played any of the new lord of the rings yet, but for some reason this one kidna interests me.

Another one?

Yeah, I remember the SNES lotr RPG. Got it thinking it might substitute for the books (I was young, dammit!), and it ended up scaring me from ever reading them (until the movies came).

Wow, yeah that snes lotr game was terrible. I tried playing and quit really fast once I got to that cave with the bats.