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I didnt even read it, I just posted it.



THE WORLD PREMIERE OF THE £8 MILLION PRODUCTION TO OPEN IN LONDON IN SPRING 2005 India’s most popular composer A R Rahman and Finland’s influential contemporary folk group Värttinä are to collaborate in composing the score for the stage version of THE LORD OF THE RINGS, which will have its World Premiere in London’s West End in Spring 2005. This coincides with the 50th anniversary of the publication of the complete J R R Tolkien trilogy, “The Fellowship of the Ring”, “The Two Towers” and “The Return of the King”.

A R Rahman has composed the soundtracks for over 50 Bollywood films, which have sold over 100 million soundtrack albums. He has also composed for television and recording artists. A R Rahman is best known in the West for writing the music for “Bombay Dreams”, currently playing to sell-out business in London, and opening on Broadway in Spring 2004.

Värttinä, fronted by three female singers and supported by six acoustic musicians, are now celebrating their 20th year and the release of their 10th album. Since 1990, they have toured internationally and built a reputation as one of the most inventive and uncompromising ensembles in the contemporary world music arena. The original inspiration for Tolkien’s stories and languages (such as Elvish), and for much of Värttinä’s music and lyrics, is the Kalevala, Finland’s national epic of mythological songs, poems and stories.

Producer Kevin Wallace says, “A fusion of A R Rahman’s and Värttinä’s exceptional talent and contemporary sound, rooted in the antiquity of their respective traditions, will provide Tolkien’s mythological world of Middle Earth with a pure, unique and dynamic score. At the heart of this spectacular epic is an intense story of personal and collective endeavour that grips the audience’s imagination, immersing them completely in the experience; the music of A R Rahman and Värttinä has the dramatic range to do just that. I am pleased the music of the project’s initial composers Stephen Keeling and Bernd Stromberger is also available to the production”.

THE LORD OF THE RINGS, with book and lyrics by Shaun McKenna, will be directed by Matthew Warchus and designed by Rob Howell. Christopher Nightingale is the musical supervisor.

The production of THE LORD OF THE RINGS, which will cost £8 million, is produced by Kevin Wallace and Saul Zaentz.


it’ll go somthing like this

Mr. Frodo, dont beleive gollum
he is an evil thing
he will betray us, to snatch

thank you, thank you.

I didnt even read it, I just <strike>posted</strike> commented it. :stuck_out_tongue:

It soulds like a cool thing, but I doubt that I will even have time and opportunity to see it…
And if I ever have that I doubt I’ll go see it anyway…

Well, one of the creators is a guy involved with Bollywood, which is the Indian film industry which makes those movies with Indians dancing around and singing in elaborate dance sequences with high voices. Bollywood is known for making weird musicals out of more well-known American movies.



Now that just looks laughable.

I have trouble seeing Lord of the Rings as a musical. The hobbit, maybe, considering all the singing in that one. But how are they going to get the dragon, or maybe all the orcs, or the hobbits?

Someone has to come up with some mock lyrics now. They have to.

Unfortunately, I’m not a music expert.

I hate every dwarf I see
From Oakenshield to little Gimli
No, you’ll never make a hobbit out of me!
(Misty Mountains rise behind Bilbo)
Oh my word! I was wrong!
It was Middle-Earth all along.
Yes you finally made a hobbit,
(Yes we finally made a hobbit)
Yes you’ve finally made a hobbit out of me!
I love you, Gandalf!

I had that idead 4 years ago! Idea stealing @#$%&¨*'s!

I have no trouble imagining the orcs and dwarves singing.

Hey, the first thing I thought when I read the title was an album by Blind Guardian, Nightfall in Middle-Earth. I love it. Nightfall and Time Stands Still are my fave tracks.

Pretty cool, but freaky. Much more freaky than cool, I might add.

I doubt it’ll be the freakiest LOTR stage show. One of the colleges at Cambridge University performed LOTR:The Return of the Porn this Christmas.

Leonard Nimoy is one step ahead of them.


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[b]Leonard Nimoy is one step ahead of them.

http://homepage.mac.com/evanbaumgardner/iMovieTheater6.html [/b]

That’s the Hobbit not LoTR.