Lost Odyssey

Its very good.

Anyone else playing it?

Nope. The ign review made the storyline sound pretty cliche. Is the story just a I’ve been there, done that story?

IGN? Man, I’m amazed anyone even goes there. I think the story’s fine.

I’m getting it next Wednesday or Thursday, when I go to pick up the new Ace Attorney. I probably won’t start it until next month, though. :confused:

I’ve seen you playing it every time I’ve signed on to Halo 3. You bastard. Could you describe the game or point the way to a good review? I’ve been thinking about getting the game ever since I saw the commercials and had my memory jogged, but I’m more hesitant about plunking down $60 for RPGs nowadays than I used to be.

(I think Grandia III pushed me over the caution line)

IGN can go fuck itself, honestly. I don’t think they are very revelent anymore as far game reviewing goes.

And here I was always wanting to play more Halo 3. Ironically.

Lost Odyssey is a mix of a few FFs. The world itself is a mix of FF6 and FFX. The characters are a mix of FF10 and FF8. The battle system has triggers, like FF8 and many other games. It has a synth system for weapons very similar to FFX’s, but its nice in how there isn’t any real overlap between items and you don’t need to hunt for recipes or experiment.

The story looks to be the political war type. You are a guy called Kaim. He is an immortal. There are a few immortals in the world who’ve been around for 1000+ years. How they came to be isn’t explained (yet - I’m 10 hours-ish into it) but they don’t go around god-moding the world. The characters are sufficiently interesting up to now and there is some interesting development through the use of dreams. Dreams are how Kaim gets his memories from his past back. The dreams were written by some really famous guy in Japan and I have to say, they’re very well fucking written. I wish the rest of the game was written by the guy because sometimes the script and voice acting is a bit stilted.

The combat system is standard turn based fare and the boss fights I’ve been in up to now have been brutal. The graphics are decent, but they’re not Assassin’s Creed or anything you’d expect out of Square Enix since Mistwalker isn’t that big. The soundtrack is pretty good up to now, I really like the battle themes and the overworld music and the music for the dreams is appropriate. As a note, the overworld is not free moving, its like FFX / FFT in terms of your clicking on a destination and overall it looks like this puppy is very linear.

Overall, the game is rough around the edges, but is a good RPG up to now.

Blue Dragon was to Dragon Quest 8 what Lost Odyssey is to FFX. Sakaguchi is really not original anymore, but that’s ok with me.

How are the bosses brutal if you can’t die?

Yeah the whole not dying bit is kind of weird with the concept of a game over. Interestingly, the immortal characters auto-res after a couple turns if you don’t wipe out.

But anyway, the first boss for example would 2 shot my caster or take out half the hp of my entire part in 1 turn. The problem with that is that I can’t heal fast enough to even survive, much less put up a fight. The 2nd boss was really brutal because it was 2 back to back fights of the same monster. The 2nd monster would charge up a lot easier and do massive damage and paralysis to my part a lot faster than the first and both guys sit behind a line of 5 insects that I can’t 1 shot and that replenish their numbers over time if I kill them. Oh and since he’s in the back row , I can’t attack physically effectively, I have only 1 effective spell caster and he is slow. Not to mention that also means he is my one effective healer.

It looks awesome, it’s out at the end of February in Europe, I have £45 put aside and Sin’s comments just make me drool even more. I’m a lot more hyped for this than I was Blue Dragon- and that’s saying something.

I gotta say, thanks to the work of the Japanese writer Sakaguchi picked up, this game really pushes the boundaries of art because of the amount of meaning it adds to the scenes and characters. The game actively deals with the meaning of life and death / living and dying. There’s a lot of material it brings up that can be discussed and elaborated on. The game is_really_sad.

I plan on picking it up along with a 360 ASAP.


Is anyone else playing this? Its really good. Let’s get a discussion going. I just got to disc 2.

I heard it includes the novel in game somehow. Is that true? If so, how do you go about accessing it?

its not a novel. The stories are given to you as dreams of the character’s past. Each dream is triggered by a specific event and if you don’t wanna read it, which is stupid because that’s a bit the point of the game, you can skip over it. Or you can come back to it later in your menu if you just don’t have time, but then you can also pause the game anytime.

I’ve seen a couple spots for it, looks interesting. On the issue of which new console I’d like to get, I’m leaning more and more towards the 360, I think.

What I’d like to know is why, exactly, they’re advertising this with White Rabbit. Rather odd choice.

not yet but i love the theme song on the commercial

i heard it was 5 discs

Its 4 discs. And if you keep double posting, you will incur our wrath. There is an edit function. USE IT.