Looks like we can't always count on Duke

I wasn’t expecting much even when Gearbox picked up Duke Nukem Forever. It seemed like a pet project, even if they’re a very capable studio. I also don’t normally give too much attention to review scores, but damn. IGN scored DNF a 5.5. If you’re familiar with IGN’s scoring you’ll know that doesn’t mean “average” so much as “horrific”. This is the same review site that gave Infinite Undiscovery a 7.

So we’ve finally gotten Duke Nukem Forever out of our system. Howzabout that Halo 4?

I was never interested in Duke Nukem Forever, but considering how long it’s been in development there’s NO WAY it could be worth the wait.

The comparison to IU getting a 7 is particularly astonishing. IU is a spectacularly bad game. I didn’t expect much out of DNF, but this surprises me.

Statler: I guess the only award Duke Nukem will win is the Guinness World Record for “longest time spent in development.”
Waldorf: Think anyone will ever beat that?
Statler: Nope! Always bet on Duke!

Funny, IGN panned it for doing exactly what it set out to do; be a Duke Nukem game. It’s useless to judge it based on one review (btw, the first review for the PC version gave it an 8, so… ).

Having said that, I have no intention on playing it.

Sin said it best. Generally the review score at IGN is as follows:

9 or above: Fantastic/GOTY
8: Solid
7: Average
6 or below: Atrocious

So it does say something that they gave DNF a score this low.

ign sucks bro

Yeah … Metacritic has it at 76 so far. (My standard “bad game” metric for Metascore, for some reason, is Devil May Cry 2, which has a Metascore of 68, so, uh … “at least it isn’t worse than Devil May Cry 2”)

Between this and Chinese Democracy I feel there’s nothing certain any more*

*Other than they fact that both predictably sucked.

+10 points for Rig for throwing Guns N’ Roses into this.

This comment wins the thread.

But yeah. I wasn’t expecting the game to be anything approaching good, but apparently, it wasn’t enough for the game to be just plain bad either. Between the infantile poop jokes and the alien impregnation, it’s crossed the line into just plain appaling. A good game could have been made of this, but it was not. In spades. Perhaps it’s too much to hope for Duke to just fade back into the obscurity from whence he came.

I myself never really got into the whole Duke Nukem franchise, however I did play the old 16bit color, side-scrolling DOS version of it… and I enjoyed it heaps! (Still do btw :P) However, the main reason I see this as a failure is because no “single” company actually saw this project from start to finish… by handing it around like a childrens “pass-the-parcel” game, the layers slowly came off, bit by bit… the legacy that once was Duke Nukem… got lost along the way!

Only the original creators could’ve have kept it’s soul alive and made it a success in today’s world.

More importantly, what do we do now that Duke is no longer the King of Vaporware? All those “top 10 vaporware” lists which always had DNF in the #1 spot just won’t be the same anymore.

Uh, the original creators are the ones who spent fourteen fucking years developing this game before they were shut down by Take-Two.