Looking for some people to join a 2e D&D game

I read all the rules of 2nd edition, but I’m not too confident in my DM skills. If anyone wants to play, I’ll mostly be using AIM chat rooms to play…

So really what I want is:

some other characters to join.

IM me via Princefireball if you want to play.

we already have a number of games running through our IRC network.
Aim chat rooms are just too buggy to host games

hm… How can I go about joining an IRC game?

First you need mIRC
Then you need to enter the server info

Server: studio64.yi.org
Port: 6667

and the games are played in #ADnD

I don’t know if any have room in them right now but you can always ask in there.

I downloaded mIRC, but I don’t get how to log on to a server…

you need to go into Option —> Connect —> add new
then enter the server info

I would play, but I have never played 2e. If/when I learn how too, I’ll join.

I’ll play. 2e kicks. I can dm if you want too.

I’ll play. I’m not neccesarily too good, though, and I haven’t played in a while.