Looking for MOD about Advertising.

I was looking for a MOD, so that I may obtain permission to Advertise my website. It’s nothing like this and therefore I don’t think it will grow to this scale. However that would be great. Just get back to me as soon as you can and I will present the link so that you may decide whether to let me advertise it or not. thank you.

Private message one of the many people of authority. Rhaka, The 984, Zero, Sinistral, Cless Alvein, Skankin’ Garbage, etc. It’s much better than just waiting for an answer.

edit; Your signature is made of fail and shit.

Nice Setz, you almost were helpful, so you just had to toss that edit…

As I’m going to bed, I’d suggest messaging the other MODs or leave me a message if you’re willing to wait till tomorrow morning 8AM or so Eastern Time.