Looking for advice

I have an idea for a FF7 fic, but I need some help. So anyone who thinks they could help.

I was just wondering what everyone thinks the many characters (and even some minor ones) from FF7 are thinking/feeling at any point after the end of the game, and Holy has defeated Meteor

Depending on what sort of responses I get will alter the style of part of my fic, so could as many people as possible help out!!

Uhh. I guess we could help you if we knew what it is you were actually doing. You didn’t give us anything to work with. Give us something, we might be able to help you.

Isn’t it up to the fanfic author to interpret the emotions of the characters? But, yeah, if you give us an idea of what subjects you might be covering in this fanfic, we could give you some ideas that are more relevant.

Obviously, we don’t see Yuffie or Vincent in the ending movie, due to them being optional characters…makes me wonder if everyone got out OK. Tell you what, I’ll have a think and get back to you. Can’t wait to read it, HS! :slight_smile:

Whatever you do, just don’t make Cloud and Tifa an item, K? It’s just not meant to be.

To start with I want to thank Val, and LS for their (quick) opinions.

As for LC, and Book, I can’t really describe what the fanfic will actually me like yet, since I will need to know the answer to what I’m asking.

Anyway I just wanted to know what people think all the charcters would be thinking or feeling after the battle is over, and maybe how theior attitudes towards people and ideas mentioned throughout the game might have altered.

And LC, I know that should really be my job, but I can never seem to get insdie the head of someone, who I did not create, so I need help from other people.

OK, had a think…not much though, cause I’ve only played it the once…sorry I can’t be of much help…

I was wondering what Cloud’s thinking. Because he’s spent the game having such close parallels between his personality and Sephiroth’s, and their identities…in a way, it could be seen as…destroying part of himself? I dunno…this very likely doesn’t make any sense…I’ll try to word it better next time.

That is the sorta thing I’m looking for LS, now I just need things for the other characters.

If anyone does give me anymore advice, these are the people I’m still having trouble with:[ul]
[/li][li]Red XIII
[/li][li]The Turkes (all, or just one, will do)
[/li][li]Possibly Seripoth (as in his last thoughts before Cloud struck that final blow)

The Turks? Assuming they didn’t die, they’re probably at a loose end, what with not having a boss, wondering what the hell to do next. THAT alone gives scope for a fic.

The rest… well… I haven’t done any FFVII fiction yet.

Well didn’t LunarCry already state that this should be up to the author? You should just go with it, and try and think of what they’d be thinking, yourself. the fact is we don’t know, we can only speculate, the same as you can. So if I were you, I’d get the creativity flowing and see what I could do as a writer…maybe Sephiroth was thinking his panties were too tight right before he died? We don’t know, and to make your fanfic truely original, you should just work with whatever comes up. The people that you have already listed seem to be most of the main cast… you should just try and write ideas yourself, or if you have no clue what their emotions were, just get writing, see what you can do, see what changes you can make and voila:D Maybe re watch the end again. I know you’ve said that you’re not good at this sort of thing, but this is good practice. If you don’t like what you’ve written, you could always start over. Make the character’s your own, they seem pretty flexible, to certain points, and each personality of each main character does not seem to mirror any other main character of the game (example, Cid and Red XIII do not act alike, yet they have their own role and way of saying things. Red XIII seems to be intelligently timid and weary and Cid is argumentitive and hasty) Just see what you can do.

Thanks for the advice, everyone. And Eva I’ll try and get on that right away.

Of course if anyone else wants to put in an opinion, then feel free, I won’t mind!!