Looking for a song...

So I’m looking for a song sung on Comedy Central. It was a stand up thing and there was a pair of them. One of 'em had a guitar and he sang it out… All I can remember is “she thinks you’re ugly.” Can anyone help me? I’m looking for the rest of the lyrics.

I believe the song is “She think’s your ugly” by “Three dead trolls in a baggy”. They’re a small Canadian group that has been around for about twenty years now. I don’t know where’d you find the lyrics though, as they are fairly obscure.

Another part of it went “if she wants to be friend, it’s because she thinks you’re ugly” but I don’t know if it was a band or not. I thought just two stand up guys.

Do you know what show it was on? If so, I might be able to figure it out for you.

But I searched earlier, and I think PanamaJack is right.

All I can say was that it was on Comedy Central and it was stand ups.