Looking for a hard drive...

Specifically, a 2.5" (aka, notebook) hard drive. I’m looking for a 100GB, 7200 RPM notebook hard drive. I didn’t think that 100GB drives had hit 7200 RPM yet, but my friend insists that he got one from Dell that was of those specifications. I usually trust this friend, but I never trust Dell.

Are they bs-ing him (or is he bs-ing me), or can I simply not find this thing? I can find plenty of 5200 RPM notebook hard drives, but that’s not what I want.

Check Dell’s site to verify. Doesn’t mean you have to buy it from Dell.

I can’t find it on Dell’s site (which is why I came here), but he says that his cousin works for Dell, and custom ordered it for him. I just can’t find one online anywhere.