Looking for a game like Mordor: the Depths of Dejenol

I loved this game. You got to create your own party, it was turn-based dungeon crawling at its finest, had semi-perma death and was pretty hard. Problem is now my only PC is a lappy with windows 7-64 bit and specs that are decent at best; getting Mordor to run is a pain in the ass. Anyone know of any rpgs like this? I played dragon quest ix and wizardry 4 pretty recently and I loved those too. Ive got a 3ds and can emulate anything up to psx if that helps.

Have you looked into roguelikes? Nethack, dcss, adom etc.

edit: Though you don’t get to design a party. On the other hand Etrian Odyssey I,II,III for the DS is along these lines (3DS compatible).

Hmm I haven’t played any of the Etrian Oddessy games i might pick one of those up. As for nethack hell ya I dont even know how many hours ive wasted playing that game, i even made a VB script the let me “save”.