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Read. worship.

A lot of people here should read this :P.

And get PAST the heading, too.

“But I wore the juice!”


Classic line. I dig this very much already. And totally agree.

Is this one of those studies that takes 40 pages to create a detailed proof of common sense?


For one it’s common sense, for the other it’s an inacceptable distorted view of reality. <3

Well, 40 pages of empirical data backing up a long standing “duh!” statement never did any harm.

And this makes a good article to keep open in the other window while you browse this forum and read certain threads… <.<

BRAVO! applause I love this. :smiley:

No argument here. After all, these end up debunking common sense every once in a while.

I always wondered if it was lack of humility, when accepting one’s own smallness, or all-out stupidity when people are like that. This article is pretty clarifying.

I am surrounded by people who are pretty much like the subjects of these studies in the college I go to. It’s really frustrating. One of my teachers once moved a campaign to drive these people ou… I mean, counseling them, showing them that they will be happier in some other course. But these people, which my teacher and I have come to call “monsters”, dream they can outdo whomever it is and become living gods.

I need to vent, so I’m picking our most extreme case.

There is one particular monster in my class who thinks he’s the supreme brain. Last time I bothered watching him, there was an upcoming math exam, and he was telling everybody how he’d score 100%. I get to see people’s scores sometimes, not for being curious but because I help the teachers and they often show scores to me and we talk about it, on how to improve the course. Well, one week after the exam, the math teacher asked me to grade a few people’s tests for him (he provided the answers and guidance on how to proceed). One of the tests belonged to the particular monster I’m talking about. After checking it three times, he’d get a 0% from me. But since I’m biased, I told the teacher I’d like to skip that one test. The teacher got the test, checked every question twice and gave the 0% veredict himself. Monsters will be monsters.

[Typical eye-roll comment linking the article to how <i>stupid</i> humanity, a group of immediate individuals, or society in general is (without mention to oneself, of course)]

I love this thing. Thanks for posting it.

In the immortal words of R&S:

“You Eeediot!”

This should be fun to pass around college.


Read the entire thing. This could be summed up with the classic line, “Every group has a moron friend. If you say yours doesn’t, you may want to think about that for a minute.”

I say a copy of this should be handed to every human being born.That way we could avoid the infernal obstacles people dish out.

Wow, I don’t think I’ve seen that used here.

So what they’re trying to say it that because you’re too dumb or ignorant or narrow-minded to realize that you’re dumb or ignorant or narrow-minded, you’ll think you’re quite smart? Discovery of the Century!
I love it. I’m bringing this along to work and to school once it starts up again in Autumn.