Look what I've got!


Pretty much every console that ever existed from the NES right up to the PS2 for a measly £370! Don’t usually show off but this is a find and a half- and less than 90 minutes’ drive away from where I live! :slight_smile:

Sweet. I’ll just inform my friend in London and she’ll come and… acquire them from you. :slight_smile:

I’m not sure why you’d even want to do this.

Who wouldn’t want that package. That many consoles for 370 if I found that here in the US I would kill for that. And I actually would. blood

Profit. :slight_smile:

OMG…I need that…Not for profit,but so I can get closer to getting every single gaming console known to man!!!

Wait…WHAT…you own all that?

The only consoles known to man that I’m missing are the Sega CD system, the X-boxes and the Sega Saturn.

:slight_smile: I wuv my systems. I could never Ebay them off for less than 400 pounds.

That would make me sad.

Wouldn’t that be considerably more than $370? Today 1 pound = $1.90US.
So, that package would cost $703US.

I cant even tell what systems are those im confused here!:moogle:


Nice. I totally wish I could come over and play that 3DO sometime. But alas, we’re too far away from eachother.