Look what craziness I found!

Has anyone every seen these? It’s the merging of two great things!

I think they might be a little old, but they’re still cool.

I’m not a fan of CCGs. Having said that, I do have a sizable deck of Triple Triad cards.

That’ pretty neat. Hmm…

They are cool, fan-made, but cool. You can see the spelling of Squaresoft in the lower right hand corner of each card is wrongly put as “Square Soft”.

The omega weapon card is really tight.

For about half a second I thought it was real. Then the old card design gave it away. Then the FF-ness made it certain.

Cool, though.

My friend made a card with Master Chief once. It was horrid. These are good however.

Can’t be as bad as the Chef Boyardee card I made a long while back.

Let’s compare
<a href=“http://img81.echo.cx/my.php?image=magiccardhalocopy3qb.jpg” target="_blank"><img src=“http://img81.echo.cx/img81/9062/magiccardhalocopy3qb.th.jpg” border=“0” alt=“Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us” /></a>

Thats pretty bad. Though any 1/1 could easily block it.

Wow… did he even try? and I can tell that quote is even made up, unless its from the books (which I highly doubt, since despite being a marine and whatnot, MC can at least speak proper english).

Oh, I know that its not easy to make a Spartan at all, so 1 black mana is simply just fanboyish.

Edit: I’ll make a better one off my head.

5/7, damage is ‘recharged’ once if inital attacker does not kill immediately (he blocks from a 6, then subsequently a 4 in the same turn, survives), off basis of recharging shields. After making a kill, he gets a +1/+0 token, but may only get one this way (since he is good at commandeering weapons, but can only carry two at a time). Uh… I forget some of the sneaking mechanics of M:TG (like the -walk abilities), but something relating to ability to kill anything if taken by surprise, from behind.

Mana cost, I suck at figuring that stuff out.

Wow… that sucks!