Longest without sleep?

Seriously, what’s the longest amount of time you’ve managed without sleeping a wink?

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With physical and mental exertion: 37 hours during our “End War” in the FDF. And that streak started with a night of about 3 hours of sleep. I started dozing while making my turns around the premises. Not a very nice thing if your muscles ache from marching/carrying heavy gear around/lying in the damn trench and KEEP YOUR EYES IN THE TREES. End result: Couldn’t even sleep in the truck, since I had a superior next to me and if you’re in the cabin, you don’t sleep. Period. Back in the barracks, crammed gear back to the locker, they announced us free for the rest of the evezZzzzz until I had to get up for the mandatory evening YELL YOUR NAME FOR THE DRILL SERGEANT REAL LOUD and back to zZZzz…

Bla bla bla: 45 hours during one summer. No issues there. Just… “Hey, I’m feeling kinda tired.”

Hmm am not entirely sure… would definately be during one of the weekend long anime marathons me and my mates have had. Was up from Friday morning about 9am, until sometime between Saturday night and Sunday morning. So between 36 and 48 hours.

At that point just couldn’t keep my eyes open, so just had to lay down for some sleep. Although never slept for very long, was still out of it by the time the thing ended Sunday night. hehe, good fun though.

About 50 hours. Let’s just say I procrastinated on school work. Got an A though. Was seeing spots by the end of it.

I tend to pull too many 36+er’s than I should. Still I’ve probably gone past 48hrs in stretches of time when I spend the night surfing teh webz instead of getting sleep, then turning around and busting my ass off going to school/running errands everywhere for the rest of the day. Thankfully, at the rate things are going over here I might be able to retire from my job as cabbie for the rest of my family by spring time.

Ugh…difficult to say exactly. Definately somewhere around 36. Had a campout for one of my friends several years back and couldn’t fucking sleep at all. Had me pretty pissed and apprehensive. Just last night, it took me forever to get to sleep. Think I finally got to sleep around 3:30 AM, but I kept waking up off and on.

10 am on a Thursday until about 1 am that Sunday morning.
So…63 Hours
I am never doing that again.

Somewhere around 60+ hours.
(I’m not sure at exactly which time I got up the first day and went to bed the last day.)

During those three days (and a few weeks before/after) I worked with sorting mail. Or rather those nights.
Basically I left home at 10 at night, a 45 min bike ride, sort mail until 5 in the morning, 1hr bike ride back (uphill and tired as hell). And to make things worse: back then I couldn’t sleep longer than 9-10, no matter how much I tried or how tired I was, so I usually only got 3 hours sleep. Spend a lot of days half dead, and missed a few days at work, because I just couldn’t get out the door.

Oh, and I also took a plane trip down to Stockholm, because the third day was the first day of Wertigon’s RPGC meet. :stuck_out_tongue:
Strangely enough, I didn’t sleep anything on the plane. I usually do. But I guess I was just too burnt out to even sleep.
Until I got there, and people started going to bed. Wert pointed out a couch thaZZZZZZZZ.
And then the next night I was so full of caffeine that I stayed up all night again. <_<
(That is a night that I will probably never forget.
We were playing Wheel of Time D20 roleplaying before everyone went to sleep, and were going to continue the campaign later.
So me and one of Wert’s friends were awake and making not-so-elaborate plans to murder the rest of the party in their sleep and sell their stuff on the black market.)

Somewhere around 48 hours my freshman year of college.

About 37 hours in one long holiday : I was too excited and anxious eh.

I think around 24 hours for me. After that my body kind of gets too shaky and if I don’t lie down I’ll just fall instead, or get sick to my stomach.

Without a wink? Probably not long. But if you include winks while still excluding significant chunks of sleep, I’ve been up for a solid 2 or 3 days a few times.

39 hours two weeks ago. I couldn’t sleep. I had to go to work the next day. It really, really sucked.

Around 50 hours.

almost three and a half days. I was active in the rave scene and I was at DEMF in 2002

So, would you say you were… Dizzy after that?

Long enough that Mars Volta lyrics made sense.

LMFAO at arac’s comment. that’s funny. And, no, 984, I was just really foggy headed. I think i was Dizzy during those three days…actually spun is a better word.