Long time no see.

Yeah, I know it hasn’t, but I just thought that I’d stop bye and say hi. I’m already here in Africa. So far the heat isn’t too bad, it is definitely warmer than California, but it is still tolerable. It isn’t too bad out here so far. It is already March 4, Saturday here, but not yet in the US. The facilities are pretty nice out here. As soon as a I get a phone card, I think I’ll be set. Well, I’ll keep posting later. See ya.

dont get diseases

Glad you’re still alive, Info. Have fun in Afrika, hope to hear from you again soon.

Yo dude. Don’t catch any double posts.

Stay fine. If you see funny animals, show me pictures of them.

Howdy info.

It isn’t too bad out here. It is fairly hot though. It is still winter and it is as warm as a hot California summer. The facilities are nice though, which makes it easier to be here. We saw the posts today and they have some very nice views, it is pretty cool to see them. A Djiboutian told me that it will start getting hotter next month and then get really hot in June, July and August. Well that is it for now, so I’ll talk to you guys later.

I bet it’s warmer there. We’ve been having some really cold days here(in the 50s brrrrr…). But if Africa’s in the southern hemosphere, isn’t it summer there right now anyway?

Don’t melt.

ur in the miltary?

my friend went to africa in febuary 4 2 days and he came bak wit disintary n’ sifilis. man i want 2 go 2 africa 2!!!

you r alive!

you get a cookie.

hands you a cookie

Hey info.

TrkJac, I’m a couple of degrees above the equator (a significant part of Africa is above the equator).

Just to give you guys an update, it isn’t too bad out here. It is gradually getting warmer (I think that we are in the low hundreds right now). I finally got to see the outside of the base yesterday and I was amazed by the amount of trash on the side of the road. It literally looks like a dump (which has caused some areas to smell pretty bad). I thought that I would feel sick for a bit when I got here, but I’ve been just fine. Yesterday a guy in my section got sent to Germany because his hand got all messed up. We’ll be moving into our permanent living areas pretty soon. There are some things that are stupid out here, but I’ll save those for another time.

I hear there’s a draught. Do you have any humanitarian support role? How equiped do you have to remain under these conditions? What happened to the guy’s hand, do you know?

What we consider warm where I live is in the 40’s

I haven’t heard of a drought, but they do tell us to conserve water (we are in the desert afterall). I can do humanitarian missions if I choose to do so in my off time (if I do 10 I get medal/ribbon for it). What do you mean? The guys finger(s) pretty much got cut off. He’s on his way home.

It was pretty cool though, yesterday I did my first real mission. It was an all day security mission, which was pretty neat. It was actually pretty fun to drive to and from the mission area since I didn’t have to worry about getting a ticket (not that I really sped, but it was nice to not have to worry). It was sort of cool too since the leaders of my section have been saying that we are the best section (but what leader doesn’t say that). However, we were given the mission on our training day, which gives their claims some foundation since we were the first section to get such a mission).