London Underground

I’ve not laughed this much in ages. :smiley: This is precisely why I hate our nation’s capital.

I don’t even live in England, or know what the backstory to the strike, but oh god this made me laugh.


takes note not to take the metro if I ever go to London >.>

What on earth are they complaining about? They’ve nothing to complain about until they’ve experienced what it’s like to live somewhere where you’re lucky to have a cramped and overheated bus pass by every thirty minutes and charge you two pounds fifty as the minimum fare. Londoners are bloody lucky to have the Tube.

It’s a good song. Funny.

Found it mildly amusing.

On the subject of Blair, has anyone heard his brilliant plan for switching what side of the road British people drive on? First, great big trucks will switch sides, then a few weeks later all the other cars and trucks will.

Didn’t someone post this a while ago? I think I remember seeing it here before. Regardless, it’s still a great song. Two thumbs-up.

Thank you Neb, that was fucking brilliant XD

What he said. Although I can understand this better since we have the same problem here. Absolutely hilarious.

lol, very nice.

Now that was cool. Thanks for sharing Neb.

And I must admit that just makes me happier not to live in London.

Nice song… The best/Worst thing I heard about Public Transport was a Kenyan trip…

My mate was ill and that bus was the only one he could catch… His Girl had to catch another…

Since I didn’t catch most of it… but after several hours on a crowded old bus for several hours… According to our mate, he had to force it out after the got tot the destination, and was the best poop he had for some time.
BTW the I mate who was doesn’t know that I know.

Trill, There is a UK Newspaper that is called the Metro according to the Londers it is often found on the Tube.