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Haha shoot me.

That article cites the official site of the game as the source of the news, but…

I just looked it over, and not only is the site still up as if nothing was wrong, I couldn’t find any mention of cancellation anywhere.

Is this article a hoax? Or has the official site just been lagging behind what’s been announced?


April Fools comes early this year?


You fools, this is the old Warhammer Online. The one that was canceled in '04 or something. The current Warhammer Online rose from it’s ashes and will usher in a glorious new age of green ass. Also I’m in the closed beta haha fuck yes.

The man makes an interesting point, although he’s a bit biased.

Does no one know how to quote anymore

Who cares about beating out WoW. WoW is full of fucking retards who suck at video games (Though it does have an incredible core).

I hope Warhammer is about making a great game rather than making a lot of money. Though I’m not sure how reasonable that is to say about anyone anymore

It’s funny how the people in the article are bragging for Blizzard in that they made such an amazing MMO. It’s PvE is too easy, and the PvP balance is fucking shit.

A lot of hardcore PvPers (those who didn’t drop out halfway through the shitfucked season 2) think that starting rated WSG might fix PvP, though.

Meh, you could get twink teams for BGs and ruin people. I’m not sure if it’d be the solution. It’d just be more of a pain to get a good 7-8 core vs 2-3 for arenas.

The point to beating out WoW is to be able to enter the market and even hope to compete.

steve: hey look! its a pot!

That’s not true in the slightest. There are plenty of MMOs that have carved out a profitable niche for themselves. EvE Online only has like 100k subscribers and makes a nice profit, same for CoH/CoV, LotrO, korean MMOs, etc.

WAR isn’t targetting the lowest common denomitor as WoW is. WAR is trying to grab the PvP-happy crowd. They’re probably gonna get a lot of members who migrate from DaoC to WAR (same dev), a good deal of jaded ex-WoWers etc. Plus they’ve got EA’s marketing budget.

You really don’t need 10 million subscribers to make a succesful, fun MMO.

EvE doesn’t count because its a niche, and if people want to make a Korean MMO, the might as well not be North American or a European developers.

As for WAR wanting to pick up jaded ex-wow people, its silly to think that the experience would be that much difference. You put up with the socio-political bullshit with a bunch of assholes most of the time and then you grind the rest of the time.

EA + Games Workshop sounds like the perfect team to milk your money till you die of old age. If someone makes a blog with the game’s backstory, I may read it though.

Much like WAR will be, and most currently succesful MMOs are.

The experience itself won’t be that different, the focus just is in different areas. WoW is very much centered on PvE, WAR is designing in a heavy PvP focus from the ground up. Catering to a different crowd. Look at Ramza over there, a lot of those hardcore PvPers will probably prefer to toss their 15 bucks/month towards WAR because the game is designed with them in mind, not as a lameo afterthought.

I’m not sure what you mean

Its a lot easier to get a couple good players than it is to get 5 people to play consistently. Similarly, it 'd be harder to get a good core for WSG ro AB than it is to get 5 people. I was on a pvp bg team pre-bc and it was great but you really need a group of dedicated people for it. As you undoubtedly know, getting a group of dedicated people to focus on even a simple task is a whole lot more complicated than you would initially expect.

Assuming you could do that, it becomes easy to really twink out your team and do some really unbalanced shit. I’ve seen it happen plenty of times. Imagine a group with a few geared nearly unkillable (not even demo) locks (supported by at least 1 priest) dotting and crowd controlling the shit out of your team while a paladin or 2 run with a druid putting on proper blessings and heals, with a survival hunter or 2 to snare everyone that might have any hope of following you. Add a geared warrior or 2 to wreck people for realism. If you want you could also organize your team to have a group of instant killers to instantly take down flags. This would include maybe a mix of shamans and mages since its a lot harder for a druid carrier to survive magical attacks than physical ones.

I think you get my point now. There are a few key strategies, regardless of group make up, that you can do where you will almost always dominate if not demoralize 95% of everything you will ever meet. If just my warlock + 1 good paladin could dominate an entire battleground, imagine what a team would do.

Yeah I definitely agree with you.

Three elemental shaman would be able to burst any class down in 1.5 seconds with a coordinated cl+lb (at least one would proc a second instant LB)

That’s pretty much what they used to do to my druid back in the day.

Weirdly enough, I generally like PvE more than PvP and I’m more excited about WAR than I ever was playing WoW >_>

jesus fucking christ i hate you people