Logo/Banner Contest - vote for your favorite!

Vote for the new forum banner / logo! Voting is public. Poll is open for 15 days.

  1. Helios19

  1. Charlemagne

  1. Jettatura

  1. Trillian

I would have to vote Trillian! Why? Because her work is the most suitable for the latest web template and the style of the text is absolutely awesome! (I am soooo jealous of the text! xD)

Good job to all participants! But this one is no doubt Trillians! :smiley:

Yay! :3

When will the new banner be put up? I’m so bored of the VBulliten one.


And there it is. Woot.

We’ve now got something that a good number of message boards today don’t have.

Thanks Nulani! And thanks to Trillian and everyone else who participated. Looks great!

I agree. Looks awesome!

It doesn’t look very crisp.

Glad this one got it. Good job, Trillian!

It’s a step closer to themes, that’s all I care about.

Wow, I think it looks absolutely awesome! I really like how the colour blends in to the web page and the text… the text is just freakin crazy!!! Gratz again Trillian!!! :smiley: