Live Earth

Anyone else watch it? Or at least some of it? I’d say the best people were Pink Floyd (who I normally don’t really care for) Spinal Tap, The Police, Cat Stevens, James Blunt (who actually did a better version of Wild World than Cat Stevens did)

The band playing in Antarctica was ok. Other than that, it made me feel bad for using the A/C in the car.

Kanye West ruined it, as always. (Message in a Bottle)

I like how all the artists flew to their respective concerts in their personal jets. That really helps save the earth.

I didn’t even know it was on.

Didn’t watch it, no time. At last someone understood that these things are win-win and shouldn’t be done every 20 years. Free advertising+ sales up+(revenue from tickets this time +) broadcasting rights (I suppose)+ a boost in the profile of the artists. Now about the sincerity of the message, the degree the participants believe in it and its effect…

Behind George Clooney and San Francisco, Live Earth is the leading producer of Smug.

I’ll be watching some of the performers tonight. The Police and Duran Duran are on top of my viewing list. Spinal Tap was on the menu? Nice.

For those who missed the show(s), and would like to see the highlights: