Live Action Simpsons Opening

This is a weird promo video for Skytv in London for the new season of the Simpsons. It surreal, as it odd to see the familar opening done in live action.

That was cool.

It loses some of it’s charm.

Bart was ugly. I’m sad.

Yeah, that was pretty weird, I guess. They didn’t have the Tire Fire. :frowning:


I can see how it could go either way, really.

But good or bad, this is the final irrefutable proof that “cartoon” and “live action” comedy can never fully be reconciled, at least going from the first to the second.

I’ve seen it. But that was on Sunday so it’s not so old. It was different that’s for sure. And I’m glad they didn’t have the burning tires in it… that wouldn’t be good for the environment at all!

Yeah, not to bad.

One of my mates actually showed it to me at the weekend. We both thought it was cool, wierd but cool.

I liked it. Was interesting to see how the opening might look in real life. That said, I was more disapointed in marge than bart.

Milhouse was spot-on. :smiley:

Milhouse was in it?!

I didn’t notice Milhouse either:P

I liked the twins in the classroom. XD Milhouse was the little nerd with glasses, I think.
Edit: And bleeding gums murphy, barney and wiggum on the street were cool (although wiggum wasnt fat enough!). :smiley:
And Jaques’ hairstyle totally fits (the guy who is walking by with the groceries). I would have just liked to see mr. burns and smithers better. They’re so far in the background.

It scares me too much. It’s just too surreal.