Live Action Pluto Film in the works

This can seriously go either way.

The only way I can go into this is with cautious optimism.

99% of the time, live action films will destroy the image of any anime/manga they are adapted from! Despite the fact that people say that there have been decent adaptions in the past (none of which I can remember) they have never been truly memorable. I believe that anime/manga was created to express the impossible (to let people live their dreams and imaginations through the use of pen and paper or TV etc.) therefore having actual people act out such ideas seems awkward (to me at least!) and hence that is why it doesn’t work the majority of the time. Well that’s what I think! :stuck_out_tongue:

I myself am fond of Astro Boy (well the 2003 version!) however, I don’t expect too much from this appropriation of it!

I don’t think this will work either, at least not in Live Action. They should do an animated adaptation instead.

Still, Pluto is an interesting way of revisiting an old story and it sounds like it’s handled very realistically (at least in terms of the characters’ emotions.) Tezuka was a genius and Terazawa does a good job too.

Oh and on this side of the World they’ll have to call it something else, because everyone will think it’s a Disney cartoon. :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought Disney was doing a live action Pluto film. ie, Mickey’s dog.


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