Little question about Soul Calibur 2...

I don’t know if I’m gonna buy this game, but I’ll definately rent it at least once. (Cube version…Link pwnz you.)

I’d just like to know…is Cervantes in it? He was my favorate character in SC1.

Yes, yes he is. The only character from Soul Calibur 1 who won’t be in the US/European version of Soul Calibur is Edge Master, I believe. Japan doesn’t have Hwang, Rock and Lizardman either (well, the latter’s in there, but only in Weapon Master mode).

<img src=“”> …Hwang? shot

Hwang’s Xianghua’s male counterpart. Uses a sword and a bunch of kick moves.

I’ve heard Cervantes is there.

I’m so glad they took out Edgemaster. I think he was just a waste of space since he’s exactly the same as Inferno (who’s exactly the same as any given character picked at random) except he has no special attack like Inferno does.

Yes, Cervantes De Leon is in it. He’s an unlockable character, the last character to be unlocked in the arcades too.

Hwang Sung Kyung was part of Soul Edge, the FIRST game in the Soul series. They turned him into a Xianghua clone in Soul Calibur, the same way they turned Rock into an Astaroth clone in Soul Calibur.

And Hwang’s replacement is now Yun Sung, he has an improved Hwang Soul Edge movelist. Which is a mix of Korean kicking arts (not Taekwondo, which didn’t exist at the time) and Mitsu’s sword attacks.

Yay. :yipee:

I might just get this now. I want a good fighter, and I’m torn between this or MK:Deadly Alience. I planned on renting them both first, though. This was definately a point for SC.

MK: deadly Alliance gets old pretty fast. I have another question while we’re on SC2, will Kilik be in it? Kilik was awesome…

Of course Kilik’s in it.

Mortal Kombat over Soul Calibur? How could you even think it?

I hate Kilik, in fact, I hate every character that wanted to destroy the Soul Edge. (Sophitia, Kilik, Xianghua, Taki) They’re the most bland and uninteresting characters in the game. Kilik’s basically a Ryu-type guy, except he wields a big stick and has a stronger evil side.

The random weapon/movelist character is Charade, a big demon or something. I don’t know if Charade has a special attack like Inferno though.

But Inferno has nothing on Souledge. Inferno was just a Souledge wannabe.

Nightmare’s still around, I’m happy.

Plus, Nightmare is a freaking beast. He’s gotten even better from SC1.

(knows because he played SC2 in arcades and likes to rub it in faces of people)

How is Nightmare still around? I thought they explained him away with his SC ending.

I had fun using Kilik, he had a lot of cool combos. I guess that’s just my opinion though.

Actually, Taki was really fun if you spent some time in practice to get used to her moves. She can flip to the left, right, or back of the enemy, and could roll in any direction. Hell, I even mastered her custom combo, and made a few of my own. Taht’s one thing I might suggest for being good with a character-Learning their custom combos. Custom Combos are usually of special moves to make up multiple combos which add together, so you can do bits and parts of it to pull off good moves against the opponent. Taki’s was fast as hell, and she could pull off a certain attack in like, .5 seconds. I was still always best with Mitsurugi, though I want to get better with Taki.

Iga only likes Raphael, Vic. :stuck_out_tongue:
Not that any of the characters has an interesting story, so it doesn’t really matter.

Taki is my second-best character.

And BTW, I’m looking forward to experimenting with Link. :enguard:

I’m just mad I won’t be able to play as Spawn, seeing as I don’t have an Xbox.:too bad;

Woo yeah Heihachi, PS2 rocks! is it true Yoshimitsu’s in it?

Um…yeah…he was in Soul Calibur…

Originally posted by Dai ryuujin
Iga only likes Raphael, Vic. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, I LIKED Rock and Li Long, but they took them out. So Raphael’s my new bitch. I mean, sexy insane frenchman.

Oh, and Voldo is teh best.