Little Big Planet

Awesome or awesomeist game ever?

Yeah it’s pretty great; if you have a PS3 and you don’t have LBP you should seriously [STRIKE]consider buying[/STRIKE] get it now.

Awesome points:

  1. You get a SACK! Which you can dress up in all sorts of things; cute, funny scary and down right wacky.

  2. You can arbitrarily use your powers of awesome to cause your sack-buddies to explode via smacking, tossing, jetpack dropping and so forth.

  3. It is only the best side-scrolling platformer since [insert any SNES platformer here].

  4. It involves interesting puzzles which, while being mostly easy to solve, can become hilarious when combine with fire!

  5. You get to make your own levels to torment and enthrall your friends!

So you should go get it now, and come play with me as it is playable over the PS3 network.

You other folks may post supportive information about the awesomeness of LBP if you so desire. (You may also post your glee that I have made a post!)


You’ve been gone a while, I guess - there’s a video games forum. :stuck_out_tongue:

But yeah, Little Big Planet is pretty cool. I found most of the user-made levels to be a bore, but it has a lot of potential - you could make some really awesome levels if it were just possible to summon the skateboard back if you lost it.

LBP is too awesome to be ‘just’ a video game! Why, I would say LBP is a LIFESTYLE!

I’ve played some pretty baller custom levels, but yeah… some are made by five year olds. Just kill those ones with fire. :3


Can I create a The 984 LBP Sack Boy?

I love LBP, some of the user-created levels are absolute riots and warrant multiple playthroughs. Obviously not the Mario rip-offs but then again you can’t have everything. I’m particularly proud of my level ‘The Ship’ despite it only having been played 16 times and completed all of zero times. Still got an average 4-star rating though. :slight_smile:

LBP is awesome and it makes me want to own a PS3 very much. I’m waiting for a friend to call me with a special bundle or for the price drop.

you still e-dating crimson?

This! I must have this!

I still don’t have an answer if it’s possible to make a The 984 sack boy. :frowning:

I used to play it at a friend’s place. Me, him and a third friend.
We usually referred to it as “Big Giant Betrayal” though, since half our playing always seemed to revolve around everybody jumping to grab the same rope or something, to swing across a pit, at the same time and someone always falling (read: getting pushed) to their doom. ^^

As far as I could tell from the things we unlocked, I don’t think the 984 sack boy is impossible. I hadn’t unlocked everything, so I can’t say for sure, but there’s a TON of stuff for your sack doll to wear/materials and patterns to make it out of.