Linux and File Splitting

So, I happened to be doing this project on a Linux-based FTP server. It wasn’t anything really important – just Something To Do On The Side. Problem: for the past week, the server’s been down, and today it came back up except for the fact that it is now incapable of downloading more than 1 kb at a time. It’s like … I can download a file that’s 314 bytes, but bigger than 1 kb and the connection just freezes. I’ve used WS_FTP, IE, and Firefox, and all of 'em had pretty much the same result.

So … I have a number of options. I could (a) wait for the guy who runs the server to show up and fix it, (b) copy the files, line by line, into Cygwin on my laptop, which might be quicker than (a), or © get some kinda file-splitting program. It is © I am interested in right now. Anyone know of any Linux file-splitters I can use that I don’t need to install libraries (i.e. have “admin” priveledges) to use?

Hell, I could probably program one for you in about ten minutes. Preferably if you have Java installed. :sunglasses:

I sure hope it has Java installed. But thanks. (You know my email, right?)

I’m afraid I don’t, but I uploaded it to my staff folder:

Just stick that in the folder you want to split files and do thusly:

java FileSplitter {files to split}

And yes, wildcards work. :sunglasses: Let me know if it does the trick.


EDIT: How do I un-split them?

Ah, you never asked for that. >-)
I can whip up one of those as well by tonight.

Um, yeah, the implication was that I kinda want 'em to be usable afterwards, and they’re zipped, so I can’t like just open 'em up. ^^;

OK, done.

Usage: java FileJoiner

It’ll detect any files ending with _0 and join them with all their buddies.

Thanks a million. 8)