Linkin Park

Mine is. :smiley:

Linkin Park? Eh, I’ve never heard anything special there. I just think everything they do, somebody else has already done better. Sometimes they do some vocal harmonizing I’ve heard. that’s alright. I always like bands who can pull that off. For that, i suppose I have to give them a little more credit than I do to the other bands I tend to group them with, genre wise.

But yeah, I see no reason to go out of my way to listen to them.

linkin park blows…

Fuck you damage. >.>; Kidding, but anyways, I like Linkin Park. And the Meteora CD reminds me of .hack//INFECTION =3 That’s all I listened to while playing that game… I still need to get the other three parts… O_x I was hoping they would release some kind of pack with all 4.

Of course some opinions are better, some people have studied music of all types to a greater degree and have refined their tastes enough to make their opinions more valid then the average guy on the street.
I for example could give my opinion, but I know little of music so I don’t talk out my ass.