Linebarrels of Iron *SPOILERS*

In preparation for Super Robot Taisen L, I decided to watch Linebarrels of Iron. It was conveniently all uploaded to Hulu. In Episode 24 (last episode), there’s an alternate reality mech showed at the end.

For anyone who has seen the series, anybody know if that mech is suppose to be something (other than it’s probably just some alternate Linbarrel). I keep thinking it looks like the Dygenguard from Super Robot Taisen OG.

Never heard of this series. I’ll check it up on TV Tropes to see if it’s worth it.

I’ll check my pokedex!

After watching it, I’d have to say it’s on my recommendation list. It is one of those “fanservice-y” kind of anime. Expect a lot of jiggling and some nudity.

Pretty much all anime they come up with nowadays is stuffed with fan service… very little new anime are enticing to watch for their pure story and visuals (not to say there aren’t any!)

However, I haven’t seen this one… probably won’t either. xD

Fanservice in Anime is a given due to the mainly male Japanese audience in Japan. But even so the quality of the average Anime is better than the average American comic these days (in my opinion). Who says you can’t have your emotive epic AND panty shots too? :wink:

Yeah, no doubt about it… however, going overboard it what really annoys me! I just finished watching Cowboy Bebop (yeah I know… I’m over a decade late :P) and it was practically the perfect example of a well balanced anime. Every ingredient necessary for making a solid anime was used well… and over a decade later, it’s considered a great classic!

Overall… I believe balance is key!

sorry bout going off topic here! :smiley: