Lightning Returns: FFXIII

The end of the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy. For recap reasons, the final trailers of the first two chapters that depict a adventure that began between worlds, then through time and space. Lightning Returns is the final chapter in Lightning’s story.



First trailer for Lightning Returns: XIII-2

The presentation of the XIII saga by its creators, with Lightning reviewed through out the games.

Hey there fractyl2. I haven’t seen you in a while.

Anything new happen since you last posted?

OT: Not really, checking FF stuff.

But with FFXIII coming to an end, perhaps the next projects in the Etro project would be the US release of Final Fantasy Type-0 and the completion of FF XIII Versus. But gotta admit, the FFXIII trilogy created a legacy that nearly rivals FF7.

  • Ali Hillis (Lightning)'s big break in voice acting, getting later characters roles like Karin (Naruto) and Palutena (Kid Icarus).
  • Laura Bailey (Serah) showing that she can voice a heroine as good as she does with villains like Lust (Fullmetal Alchemist).
  • A mythos that plays in the games’ collective storyline.
  • First “Already omnipotent” opponent: Galanth Dysley/Barthandelus. Scott Bullock, voicing Logos in FFX-2, provided a great Paul Frees (various characters in Rankin Bass projects) impression for Dysley.
  • Sephiroth nearly dethroned from “best villain” by Caius Ballad. Liam O’Brian, having made his debut in mainstream voice acting as Gaara (Naruto), reached a whole new level of villain portrayal in his second FF character role.
  • John Dimaggo’s return as Gilgamesh in a big way. Also, FF6-style Ultros and Typhon making their debut on the PS3.