Life's Soooo Much Fun!!

Sorry…I just had a real good time yesterday after school. My friends and I went to the shopping centre to have a good time, and see the movie ‘Finding Nemo’. We first bought some cold drinks, and ignored like hell one of our other friends who kept ringing. She once rang to say that she would be five minutes late meeting us…and she already was! Laughs

S’cuse that…anyway, we went around for a little while having a good time, and we bought chips as Mc. Donalds for the movies (we snuck the food in) and after the movie (which, might I mention…was SOOOO cool!) we looked like we’d been drinking because we were soooo on a sugar rush! We went so hyper, my ponytail was practically on only one side on my head afterwards, when it was really supposed to be in the centre!

Laughs like crazy Sorry…I just had to let that all out. It’s the weekend, and I got no homework, so life’s good to me, though a while ago it was a pain in the ass…

:hahaha; :mwahaha: :hahaha;

See, this is the reason I made a LJ. It’s not that we don’t enjoy hearing about your extraordinary, crazy-go-nuts lifestyle, KCG. But there’s a time and a place for everything, you know?

Hi. My name is zeppelin.

It’s Kitty! Though KCG is pretty cute…giggles

Hi, Zepplin! I’m Kitty Cat Gal! But you can just call me Kitty! :kissy:

Originally posted by zeppelin
Hi. My name is zeppelin.
Hi, Zeppelin!

BTW: we don’t need to know when you have a good day, OR when you have a bad day. We don’t care about people that don’t show there pics!

Okay Kitty :yipee:

My heart is yellow too. :cool: I never wanna grow up, cause I’m a Toys R’ Us Kid! :victoly:

Your sig quotes are cool. :hahaha; Did you write them yourself? :wave: My sig has kitties in them too!

Cool. Well, gotta run, bye! :hahaha;

Originally posted by Charlemagne
We don’t care about people that don’t show there pics!

Like anyone has seen a pic of more than your eyes… you always have a shirt or a bag on your head in the pics I’ve seen that you’ve posted. heh heh

Shut up!

What do you really look like anyway Charle? Jus curious.

I have severe burns all over my body.

Oh. I didn’t know that. I thought you jus posted the ninja lookin pics to be funny. Sorry if I offended you.

Uhh, Reno, Charl is never serious about anything. He’s just pulling your tail.

Great. That’s just great. :thud: I should have known. Oh well, I haven’t been here that long anyway and don’t really know much of anyone so… ya.

Have you ever been talking to someone where they’re telling you a story and they include every tiny boring detail that no one else would put in, and your trying to get away but there’s no where to go and you can start feeling your brain slowly swelling to the point where it’s about to burst, and then luckly before you pass out from the sheer stupidness of the ‘conversation’ someone you know walks by and that gives you a perfect out from talking to this idiot? Me neither, no one I know ever walk by…

Nice to know that you had fun, Kitty. Now, you don’t have to say you’re sorry when posting it makes little to no difference.

And guys, it might not be very interesting for the rest of us, in truth, but she’s in a good mood. Just ignore and don’t post if you don’t like, we need to try to get the boards more friendly again, one way or another.

Don’t spoil my fun! I’m a Kitty Cat Gal! I need my playtime! :hyperven:

Well, Life isn’t so much fun for me… I’m pretty sure that I have cancer…

btw, this is not a joke.

I guess that whole with Kitty, and her friends is the sorta thing, that you just had to be there.

Do ever get people who do that? Tell you a story, that they think is funny, but is just so dull. And then go, “I guess you had to be there”. That is so annoying.

Life’s Soooo Much Fun!!


Nonsense, everyone knows that life is boring and cruel and that, that is the way it is supposed to be.

I suppose it’s good that somebody has had a happy day. As people before me has mentioned though, it might be a good idea to get a lifejournal or weblog and tell everyone about it there.