Libby gets presidential pardon, Keith Olbermann tears into him.

Ten minutes of a voice that should be heard more.

It’s the sort of message that should be spread more.

What a nice thing freedom of speech is.

Olbermann is my hero.

I want to have his babies.

Technically, he got a commutation of sentence, not a presidential pardon.

I can’t tell the difference. All I knew from the paper was that he ain’t doing jailtime, only has to shell out the cash.

If Keith Olbermann were a dog, or, preferably, a Hyena (which can devour a man whole in 11 motherfucking minutes), I would be more pleased with this knews. As it is, Scooter got, my stars and garters, a harsh talking to. I bet that son of a bitch is wishing for a jail sentence now that Keith Olbermann is vexed with him. Yeah. Okay.

I don’t know what I liked more. Mr. Olbermann tearing Bush a new one over Libby’s pardon, or the fact that he was given 10 whole minuets to talk about something other than Paris Hilton.

I don’t think history will smile kindly on this, as it did on Nixon’s pardon. It just doesn’t seem like Bush is trying to “let the past be the past.” More like he’s ensuring that Republican high officials won’t become afraid to bend the law now and again.

If it were a pardon, Libby would have no probation and no fine to pay. Commuting a sentence just means it was lessened to a smaller sentence. If Bush had just taken one day off of the jail time, that would be commuting the sentence too.

Also, if Libby was pardoned, there would be no mark on his record, this still keeps the crime there. Although Libby is still getting off too easy.

Olbermann’s “new-casting” reminds me of The Economist magazine. They both say whatever my mother and her sisters would. Although Olbermann is closer in tone and self-righteous arrogance.

*Clap, clap. Give that man a cookie!

Indeed. I salute Keith Olberman for taking a stand like this, but, ya know, the freedom of speech unfortunately also extends to the Youtube commentators. Jesus Christ, the comments for that video are some of the most retarded things uttered in the history of humanity:

“Olberman is a fucking fag!”

“Fuck you, fucking neocon!”

“Eat shit and die, liberal scum!”

Now you know why I hang out in moderated forums.

Yes, well, we already knew Youtube commenters were morons.

Nah, the beauty of it that it applies to everyone. Otherwise it’d be “freedom to say things I agree with” and that doesn’t work out that well.

That’s right. Without true freedom of speech, I would have no youtube commentators to mock.

And I have known about youtube comments for a while, it’s just the ones for this particular video are, mind numbing, to say the least.

Look! I have the freedom to say that!:mwahaha:

Wait, BENDING the law?

collapses into a fit of uncontrollable laughter