Lf2 Thread...

:stuck_out_tongue: lf2 pwns.

Lemme try


:stuck_out_tongue: co pwns.

…dammit, I’m still an idiot ;_;

-comment deleted-

I know what your talking about, but usually when you make a thread dedicated to a game, you give people the actual name of the game, and what it’s about. This borders on spam.

:PP Fine.
THe game i am speaking of is Little Fighter 2. It’s basically a kickass Fighting/platformer looking game… you can actually see it at www.littlefighter.com :smiley:

The game is awesome with multiplayer. Julian, Firzen and LouisEX are so easy to abuse :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, but LouisEX is nowhere as good as Firzen, and Julian is still better than Firzen. Julian pwns.

I remember having this a LONG LONG time ago. I can’t get it to download. ;_;

Edit: Ah, got it.