Let's Try this again

Here’s my Origin fic which i started then had to stop for various reasons(exams and the Worm Virus being the main ones)


The Word of a Dragon
By Chris of the Brood

One warm summer’s morning, twenty years after the Brood prince Ryu and his friends defeated the goddess, in the far away Mc Niel village, a young sixteen year old boy named Chris wandered with his friend Teepo.

Chris was a broad shouldered lad with dark blue hair and shocking blue eyes. However, his hair was not the only thing odd about him, he controlled fire and seemed never to be burnt. Chris had never known his parents and his foster father had found him one day in the Cedar woods.

Although Teepo was the son of the World hero Rei, he was still treated badly by the other boys as he was covered in tiger fur like his father. This is the story of how Chris’ life changed forever:

“Come on Chris!” Shouted Teepo as he ran toward the apple trees of Cedar wood.
“I’m coming, I’m coming!” Replied Chris as he caught up to Teepo.
Suddenly, Teepo pushed Chris to the ground. “Look,” hissed Teepo pointing at a shadowy figure in between two apple trees.
“I wonder who he is,” whispered Chris.
" Boys, Stand up," said the figure calmly. Slowly Teepo and Chris stood up, “Ah, dragon child, thank Ladon that I have found you before him.”
" Who are…You?" asked Teepo.
“Ah, I forgot to introduce myself, I am Zog,” the man said.
“Who is he?” asked Chris.
“He is Jade,” replied Zog.
Suddenly, a large blue portal appeared and a black clothed man stepped out.
“Ah, the Kaiser is here,” muttered the black clothed man.

(to be continued)

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Looking better than last time, Chris. And now a word to all:

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Much better should I say. I hope you continue it.

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