lets throw down, whats the best FF

For me it doesn’t get any better than final fantasy 6 , for me nothing can top the first time you see shadow in the cafe that song that gets played used to get me so jacked up becaus how awesome they made him seem:enguard:

Best at what? On a level playing field, the first five are pretty dismal, but after that it’s all taste. 6 is when they started having legitimate stories and characters you could actually get attached to. It’s hard to find any major flaws after that, except for Tactics and X-2, which were pretty much horrible at everything in every way, even though there are still people who insist on confusing their lack of articulation for nuance.

I don’t know if there’s a single best FF in general, but if there was, it would definitely be in the 6 to 10 range, or maybe 13 when it’s out.

This question has been asked a dozen times on this forum alone… but whatever.

FF7… its got so many moments I still love. Geez, but if I had to pick my favorite moments… probably the assault on the first reactor; the train ride where Midgar’s structure is explained; Barret’s inspirational speech about the “golden coil”(or whatever it was) where they decide to rescue Aeris from the Shinra building; the Golden Saucer date; when they’re in that astrononmy watch-ma-call it thing in Cosmo Canyon(you know, its a room that simulates a night sky)… there’s too many! FF 7’s only real flaw is that the end of it is rushed and anticlimactic(which is typical of most FF games).

Keep in mind, I’m basing my assessment on story and artistic resonance, not at all on gameplay.

P.S., I also loved Shadow’s intro from FF6 :slight_smile:


I think the single best FF is Tactics … I’m not sure what anyones problem with that one… actually I would like someone to tell me because I have never been more confused in my life…

I do agree about X-2…I would easly say the same for X though…:enguard:

:hint: I think the question was asked cause he wanted to know the answer…I could be wrong about that though…

Best overall? I’d say FFX. Great story (if confusing in spots), great characters, great playability, and of course, great animation and music.

Other FFs are better at individual parts- if FF6 had better graphics, it would be THE best FF ever, and FFV is a lot of fun just to play over and over. But as a package deal, X is my favorite.

FFT had a poor story that was poorly translated that was supposed to drive gameplay that was about as predictable as rolling dice even though it was supposed to be tactical. Regardless of personal taste, it was pretty obvious what kind of game it was trying to be, and just as obvious that it was failing really hard at it in almost every way.

Well… it did have a really good soundtrack. I give it that. But it’s still one of those games I’ll probably never beat because no matter how many times I go back to it thinking “this time it might be different,” I’m always disgusted by pretty much everything else about it and quit within a few hours.

I don’t think I even got past the opening scenes of FFX-2 though. I think I saw like 10 seconds of the opening video and said “I’m out.” It’s that bad.

hades you haven’t beat the game yet? god why not heres a tip to beat the game get a bard a dancer orlandu and agrias and you cant lose actually make a dragoon with bard and a samurai with dance and have the bard use the last song cant remeber what its called and have the dancer use the last dance cant remeber that name either but those combined will make you go 50 times in arow after a couple turns and orlandu agrias and ramza will smash the bad guys in seconds

Also, have you ever tried the PSP version? All the gripes about the story go right out the window. It’s real quality (although there is some extra slowdown during battle effects).

I quite liked FFX-2. It’s not this amazingly deep game, but it’s fun.

Well I guess it must be preference on some games…I think the story is the most mature in all FF but…I lvl up to about 70 before going on pretty much in the begining… Also Toma the dance isn’t the last one and its called Polka dance…
As for the song I cant remember either…(just look for the one that raises your speed.)

I mean if the gameplay is to hard to master for you and thats why you hate it its ok cause it took me like 6 months to get it down perfect(I hate the monsters lvling with you)

I don’t understand if the problem is with the story(unless you’re overly religous… even then its not that offensive) how can you not like a big syndicate of the church just controlling the whole world and … you know … being evil and stuff…

I’m thinking you’re misunderstanding. He isn’t refusing to beat it because he thinks it’s too hard. He just thinks that it’s a subpar game. I wholly agree with him. As Hades said: bad translation of a bad story with bad gameplay. There really isn’t much to like, not to be a jerk. =\

i think its one of the best ff made and i knew he hated it i was suggesting a super team to beat it quick so he could at least see the end :hahaha;

So why not just do what Cid said and play the PSP version?
Or fill in the blanks with the story… I mean its all there its just not translated very well.

Here is what I believe are the up sides to the game.

  1. Customize every character in the game to be exactly who you want them to be.
    From looks to equipment and skills!

2.Story that is far more mature than most RPGs and FF games.

  1. Plenty of side quests, goals and weapons you can find throughout the game.(You can even get cloud pulled in from FF7…he kinda sucks though…)

4.A battle system that I really prefer , reminds me of Shining Force, that lets you use…uh… tactics…

Down sides…

I’ll have to get back to you on that…maybe the fact that the game ends?

Well, since I don’t like the gameplay at all, I’m fairly certain that even an updated story wouldn’t make me think it’s TEH BEST GAME EV0R~!~!~!

Also, I shouldn’t have to fill the blanks in like this. It isn’t through intention that the story is incomprehensible, it’s through poor storytelling.

4.A battle system that I really prefer , reminds me of Shining Force, that lets you use…uh… tactics…
I don’t remember FFT being very tactical. It was way too random to use logic to beat. Every fight in the first half of the game was a mish-mash of random moves that did anywhere from a fifth to five times the amount of damage the game told me they would. The more annoying part was probably the fact that they were used in a completely random order that had nothing to do with the turns list whatsoever. Aside from choosing moves that were likely to do a lot of damage and crossing your fingers they’d hit, the outcome of battles was left completely to random chance, and I didn’t find it very tactical or gratifying to play them. When I want to use tactics, I play Starcraft or other more logical, micro-manageable games.

Well, since I don’t like the gameplay at all, I’m fairly certain that even an updated story would make me think it’s TEH BEST GAME EV0R~!~!~!
This is just QFT. The story is garbage to be sure, but anyone who thinks updating the translation will turn my opinion of it around is a little confused. The main determining factor in FFT’s suckitude is the gameplay.

I’m pretty sure he didn’t beat it cos he didn’t like it - not because he sucks at it. It’s hard at first, but it’s not THAT hard, sheesh. :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s a difference between disliking the premise, and thinking the execution is bad. FFT had a pretty neat story premise, and there were some cool parts, but it was just not pulled off that well.

Granted, I enjoyed the game, unlike Hades, but like…yeah. It’s not hard to see why someone can hate it. The game isn’t very strategic or tactical (although I don’t think it’s nearly as random as Hades - I think the game isn’t tactical cos it’s easy to break), and the story is neat, but is marred by a pretty terrible translation (I don’t know about the PSP version) and was just pulled off pretty badly in a lot of spots.

I do not care what anyone else says but I love Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest.

Legends III

My favorite remains FF6. The characters ‘jobs’ were all mostly customizable with a wide array of weapons for them all to use. It had a lengthy story with alternate endings which really heightens the replay value of any game.
I’m not much a fan of anything too mainstream, so as such FF7 seems overplayed and boring now. FF8 is a close second. FF9 has it’s bits although the story is not as nice as some of it’s previous it’s a nice retrogress to games like FF4 which were road-pavers. FF5’s story needed serious help and FF10 is a definate 3rd. FFXII, I love the scenery and the licenses make for the customization I miss from days of FF6. But the story ended a bit too abruptly.

However, I am a full believer that no matter what, the first FF game you play will always, deep down, be your favorite. and for me, that is once again FF6.

FF1 was my favorite, until I played FFIV, which was my fave until I played FFVI. FFVI was an amazing ride, with more freedom and character choices than any other installment in the series. And most of the characters were likable, memorable, and customizable.
The right to use your preferred party members and to configure them to your liking offered a degree of freedom that hasn’t been matched in the FF canon since. For its day, FFVI offered beautiful graphics, awesome stereo sound, and depth in story and character development all rolled up into one game.

People complain it was easy, but back then it was considered one of the longer RPG’s available, with an above average amount of dungeons and overworld to explore. When it was released I’m guessing most players had not played an RPG that took so long to finish. So forcing people to level up (or, “difficulty”) was probably considered, but not implemented, in order to appeal to non or casual RPG gamers.

I certainly didn’t think it was that easy my first playthrough; I didn’t grind for the sake of grinding, or happen to discover Ultima and the infamous Vanish / X-Zone combo. I found the floating continent difficult, and wiped a few times in the Cult of Kefka tower and the final dungeon.

I loved how the story branched into three parts in the early going (Locke/Celes, Sabin/Shadow/Cyan, Terra/Edgar), and of course how everyone was split up to begin the second half of the game. And speaking of the second half, I thought I was near the ending about the time when Leo died, so it was an incredibly pleasant surprise the title had so much more left to offer - it hadn’t really even started yet!

And there’s the real ending. What an ending! It was just awesome to see the tributes to each of your characters, a farewell, so to speak…I had never seen an ending quite like it. Just awesome. For me, no FF game…or any game for that matter, has come close to matching my experience with VI.