Let's talk about Puzzle Games.

Yes, puzzle games. Simple, yet oh so complex, always loads of fun, and more addictive than most street drugs. No matter what advances gaming technology may bring, Tetris is eternal.

What are your favorate puzzle games? Dr. Mario is personal favorate, and I’ve got a soft spot for Pac Attack. And recently, I’ve been getting very much into Panel de Pon(or Tetris Attack, if you prefer).

I also love playing with some of the more obscure puzzlers out there, like Wild Snake, Yoshi’s Cookie and Wetrix. (Wetrix is avvalible for free as abandonware down at Home of the Underdogs)

Finally, I feel I must give a nod to the simply-titled Yoshi, an NES classic that I recently got nicely aquainted with.

So let’s talk about puzzle games. What are your favorates, and why?

remembers my mom playing tetris for some odd hours about 6 or more at a time and then i go to bed sobbing for the tv Thanks for making me relive that you bloody bastard.

ooo Jigsaw puzzles used to do those with my mom, but none of that 3d stuff.

I like the puzzles in the golden sun series for the most part. The barrel game and surfing challenge from Mario and luigi superstar saga are fun.

<img src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/subsites/twistedrpg/images/hero/rirse.gif”> Good idea for a thread, as I am searching for SNES games to play that are puzzle related. I got Lemmings, Lost Vikings, Tetris/Dr Mario, Tetris Attack, Super Bomber Man, and Zoop. Any other great puzzle games for the system?

As for me, I am always a sucker for Dr Mario, or playing a few rounds of Wario Wares.

Columns :slight_smile: I remember once, my mate actually broke his megadrive from having it on pause so long- something like 3 days at a time! That game was ultra-addictive…

Also Lemmings- never before has completely failing a game been so appealing. :smiley: Exploding rodents simply make a game complete.

kicks himself I COMPLETELY forgot about Collumns…that’s an old favorate of mine, too. I used to have it for my Game Gear and I could play it for hours on end. I owned that game. :slight_smile:

Lolo for NES is a hella cool puzzle game. I used to do speed runs on it, and my fastest time from start to finish was about 27 minutes.

Puyo Pop! and Super Puzzle Fighter are my favorites.

Puyo Pop! i like because you have to worry about your aim and the angle of your shots more than just making lines. Puzzle Fighter is fun because its got hella fanservice and a pretty cool concept. Its pretty much tetris, but with each “line” your fighter attacks the opponent. You can get different kinds of “lines” to do different moves.

Another cool one is “Magical Drop”. I have only seen it in the arcades though =\ so it may be hard to find. You suck colored gems from the top of the screen, and throw them back up in a different spot to make “lines’”. Sort of like tetris, but you can grab and move blocks.

Tetris Attack. :smiley: It has been my favorite for a long time. I don’t remember much of anything else I’ve played in the same genre, though… Well, except the normal Tetris, but even my mom plays it, like many moms, it seems. :stuck_out_tongue:

Tetris, Columns, Dr. Mario, Yoshi’s Cookie…

My brother and my mom kept switching off playing Columns to get to level 99. :open_mouth:

Y’know … I’ll always have a soft spot for Yoshi and Yoshi’s Cookie.

I had a pretty good game of Yoshi last night, if I do say so myself.

Anyone wanna try and beat it? (I started on Level 1, and played on Low speed.)

Lemmings, always loved it and I always will. Not sure what it is that so appeals it to me but I just can’t help but pick it up at any time of the day and sit there for hours.

Oh God, Lemmings! the sheer nuber of hours i spent trying to save those things. I even did lemmings 2 (not the tribes, just lemmings 2, a very obscure one) and the christmas lemmings…

And the insanity of tetris. I can no longer categorize the time that killed. Level 9, speed high, height 6… full orchestra… the joy…

LEMMINGS! On that one level with the well trap buried below the steps, a cousin and me convinced my brother that if he got all the lemmings caught in it, he’d go to a secret level. Such a fun game, lemmings. So many ways for the little critters to die. :slight_smile:
Anyone here ever played Lemmings Paintball? That was an interesting twist.

Bubble bobble, doh forgot that with bub and bob?

I was gonna say yoshi too. Is it just me, or is weird that you can put two empty halves of a shell together, THEN it will break into a yoshi?

I’m a Tetris Attack/Panel de Pon/Pokémon Puzzle League addict, myself. Super Puzzle Fighter and Lolo would be backup favorites. I’m a little surprised that no one mentioned Puzzle Bobble/Bust-A-Move, though, but I think someone was reaching for it.

Anyway, I don’t know if that ZSNES Zbattle.net service even still works anymore, but I have a standing challenge (from several years ago, actually), on Tetris Attack. Not too many have accepted, and none have beat me yet (well, one has, but I’ve known him since 6th grade; I’m sure he’d challenge people, too).

What’s weird about Tetris is that I’m not good at it anymore. Back about 5-6 years ago, I could get 130-200 lines each time I played. Now getting up to level 10 is trying on my patience.

Something else I noticed about Tetris when I used to play it a lot was that if I took a week or two weeks break, I would do really good the next time.

How about some of the new online puzzle games? Anyone like those? Stuff like ‘bejeweled’ and ‘alchemy’ is pretty good, but i dont think it can compare to the console games. In my eyes, at least =P.

Chu Chu Rocket!!!

I used to spend hours on it, untill i got stuck and threw the controller across the room.