Let's take about MMOs and proxies.

HTTP proxies, specifically!

I hate my dorm-mates and therefore I will probably spend the larger part of my non-studying time at University surfing the net and talking on IRC because hey, who needs a social life. Last year I used TD’s computer as a HTTP proxy (thanks TD!).

So, can I play World of Warcraft/Eve Online through said proxy? Since MMos are designed to take up as little overhead as possible bandwidth-wise it won’t ruin anyones day, and I’d rather spend five hours of every night grinding for my Spaulders of Valour than browsing slashdot or SA.


My initial reaction would be: how can you can get a game to run over an HTTP proxy? I’m thinking HTTP proxy as in port 80…but i guess since it also allowed you on IRC, you’re somehow going through his machine and into high ports? I don’t really get it.

Or are you just using HTTP to connect to his machine?

I’m tunnelling through TD’s machine when I’m at uni, which basically means… errr… sending non-HTTP packets through TD’s machine as HTTP ones and having them do their shit then come back through to mine? I don’t know.

ANYWAY, since it works for IRC and MSN, I’m trying to find a reason why it won’t work for something like WoW or EVE. Nulani says it has to do with tunnelling not supporting graphics, but I’m not so sure since I know a couple of other guys in the forms were playing Everquest last year.

NEWS FROM THE FRONT (or more specifically, TD)

Once you have an account with XaosWoW, you now need to change your realmist.wtf file. This file is found in your main WoW Directory. Open it with notepad and find"us.logon.worldofwarcraft.com", replace that with “xaoswow.servegame.com”. Now it should look something like this: set realmlist xaoswow.servegame.com.
Run World of Warcraft, and log in with the user and pass you created. All done.

This comes from a WoW private server. Now my question is, is there anything stopping me from changing their server address to and then tunnelling as normal?