Let's play Gunbound. Together. Like a Family.




No, too much nostalgia.

FFXI then?

I actually did reactivate that yesterday. Heh.

What about Minecraft? We could build an RPGC castle then blow it up. :3

Post some screen shots!

I’ve forgotten how to take them!

i’ve been getting the ffxi urge lately

so much better than any other mmo ever

I too have been tempted by FFXI lately, especially when I see how cheap it is on Steam for the full package.

Also hi.

I’d be more interested in playing terrible Starcraft UMS together, personally. Or WoW, because I actually play that now.

WoW is just garbage now man :frowning:

I’m getting Guild Wars 2 when it comes out. The more the merrier though. Currently I’m still bouncing back and forth between Dragon Age Awakening, League of Legends, and Eternal Eden.

I rape D3 nightly and I just installed LoL again so I can rape all of you with Zeph’s matchmaking team


What jobs did you play? Pretty much just THF and NIN for me.

I reactivated in November and played through March (casually). It took one party to level to 95 (you just join an alliance in the new areas and get crazy experience).


Edit: Hahaha. Look at this shit I just saw this for the first time