Let's Keep It Clean!

Now come out boxing!

Can I get a FUCK YEAH!

Fabulous! :wink:

This makes me giddy like a little schoolgirl on her birthday.

I’ve got a Little Mac attack baby. Whoot!

That said I’m putting my moneys on the (tasteful) use of Wii-motion controls.

(Though on second thought I don’t think the game would take to motion controls very well.)

Saw this the other day. About damn time!
As long as it keeps the awesomeness from the original, it’s golden.
On that note, will we have a Mike Tyson cameo? (Or Super Macho Man?)


Haven’t you seen an Orbit gum commercial Info?

I’d get more excited about this if I had a Wii. Unfortunately ever since I entered that dreaded “real world” after college, I really haven’t had time to play games as much as I want. This looks really awecome though.

Man, I suck at guessing what threads are about, I thought this was about the new Halo game.

King Hippo returns at last!

Long live the king!

Some one was hoping for classic controller support.

I hope too.

That’s so great though. They should use Game Over’s version of the punch out theme.