Lets have another SC tournament ^^

If you are intrested in joining this one, reply here. Registration will be open for 3 days.

If you’re having a tournament, make it a one day deal. If someone’s busy that day, tough luck for them. They can always join the next one.

I would, but not enough people will sign up in a day to host a halfway decent tournament.

what an sc tournament? :moogle:

Starcraft tournament…

nah man, don’t make the signup one day, make the tournament one day. It’s too complicated and long for people to schedule their own matches.

Well, I meant have the tournament itself all in one day. The signups can take however long he wants.

And quantity shouldn’t be more important than quality for this, Fly. The tournament should be as painless and fun as possible. When you have to track down and argue with your opponent to play a game, that’s not fun. It’s not worth the trouble of making this a prolonged event just to get a few extra players.

Eh, I wouldn’t do it. Tournaments tend to not work well.

Only post if you are signing up, please.

Looks like I am the default winner… Again…