Lets create a Wc3 RPGC clan!

Hey fellow RPGC members, now with the new stuff coming for the clans of WarCraft III I was thinking maybe we should start up a clan of our own!

Now here are some things we need to figure out
Note:try to post if you are willing to join or have some ideas

  1. Your WC3 Reign of Chaos or Frozen throne Account name (preferrably Frozen Throne)
    Also please specify if you have Frozen Throne or not

  2. What position do you want to try to be in the clan?

  3. what time do you think you can get on to create the clan?

  4. what server do you think the clan should be on?

Here is an idea for the Clan Chieftain and the Clan Shamans: The best way I believe to solve this issue is to do a 1v1 tourney but if we do that there are some more things i need to know

  1. should the tourney be over the Beta Server(Westfall) or just the regular game?
  2. do you think we should decide the chieften and the shamens a different way? and if so give us an idea.

If you need more info for the clans ask here or go to:

I’ll try to do a list of people applying to be in the clan and their hopeful position, in this post. (people who aren’t going to be active please don’t put chieftain, you are welcome to join in the tournament though)

Current People Applied:

SonicBomber Shaman/Chieftain
KaldoreiLord Shaman/Chieftain
ClessAlvein Peon/Grunt
Sizer Peon/Grunt
GGCrono4 Peon/Grunt
StarStormCat Peon/Grunt
RichardWarWizrd Peon/Grunt
RamzaTheBeoulve Shaman/Chieftain
VultureSoup Peon/Grunt
Derktar Grunt?
Swift_Kid Grunt?
Sorcerer165 Grunt?
Qpz4 Grunt?
PanamaJack Grunt?

We are going to have a tournament between everyone wanting to be shaman/chieftain details still being decided on.

ClessAlvein (TFT)

-Idling Grunt for the formation of the clan
-Can’t actually play games

Sizer (TFT)

-Grunt or Peon, you decide.

-I’m on like… once or twice a week. Don’t expect a lot from me.

-Azeroth all the way babay

I’ll give you a hint. Everyone at RPGC plays on East (Azeroth). And I would except I’ve uninstalled the game and don’t feel like reinstalling it.

Ah, what the hell. I’m in.

-GGCrono4@Azeroth (TFT)
-Not sure how clan structure works…probobly somehting low-ranking
-Isn’t great at regular games. Plays mostly customs.

Crono: None of us are THAT great, me and SB just thought it would be cool to make a clan, I hope none of us have to be under grunt…
Edit: Xelo you are lazy :stuck_out_tongue:

StarStormCat (TFT)

I haven’t even started playing yet. Should install it sound, practicing SC.

God you have no idea what you are missing, i would install it and then play a couple games(though id suggest playing single player to figure out all the units are like first and all the different races) maybe try out the beta server and play a couple games with some people of rpgc :).

Im game if you let me join the names RichardWarWizrd(in TFT, in Azeroth). Look me up sometime if you want to.

Of course we will let you join! You are on Azeroth aren’t you?

Ok we have all the people we need to make the clan right now, So now it is time to make it!!!

We are looking at doing it sometime saturday or sunday,

Pm me or Kaldorei (or post here)if it wont work for you or if you can only be on at certain times

Thanks! :cool:

PS: we will get back to you on a more specific time to get on once we figured out everyones weekend schedule :slight_smile:

I can be on saturday night. Barring unforseen circumstance, any time that works for everyone else should work for me.

Im getting on if anyone wants to play? I usually just go to channel ‘rpgc’. So if you want to meet me there.

am i to late? umm vulturesoup@azeroth

Mmmmk, I forgot about this thread so I think now that summer is around it will be easier to actually get everyone together. Still reply if/when you can get on.

I’m avalible pretty much 24-7. I’m away from home this weekend, though. Contact me via AIM anytime.

I’m a diehard Human player in clan elvn on Azeroth.

Only thing is I refuse to use the cheese everyone else does, ie. Archmage faggotry, I use Panda/Pitlord as my main two heroes, 3rd is dark ranger or tinker…whatever I feel like.

Well I am vey interested. Seems like a good idea to me. Also I run a geocities website (please hold back the laughs) and would be glad to host our clan.

Also I play on Lordaeron, do most of you play on Azeroth? And if so could I make a new chacter on Azeroth and still have the same performance I do while playing on Lordaeron?

BTW: the website is geocities.com/bestwarcraftsite (again hold back the laughs please).

Ok. I’ve started on BNet, somewhat. Practice games with GG. He keeps pwning me. I’m best with human so far, once I can decently beat GG with Humans, I’ll move to another race.