Let's all welcome Spaz to the fanfic section now

Woo, more time for me to procastrinate.

… Well, if we had completed D&D:SoM earlier, I woulda applied as a Fanfic/Art/something helper if needed.

Well, good luck Spaz, be prepared for a job of precision and care.

You can procrastinate once the update is finished, dammit. If not, jsut upload the stuff to my staff folder and I’ll take it from there.

Welcome, Starstorm. You will now be chased for updates whenever I feel like it.

Dear Spaz,

Congratulations on your new position. I hate you.

much love,

Congrats, SS. Hope you find the work enjoyable! :cool:

welcomes the kitty :slight_smile:

/me pets teh kitty

Ohohoho… pets the kitty Wait until you’ve made an update on your own and you’ll know the true horror of it, darling. Just warning ya :ah-ha!: (wagging finger, not flipping him off you meanies!)

Congrats SS. Hope you enjoy having all of us impatient authors pestering you.

Congrats man.

Just to clarify, who should we send fics to: Mr. Pony, Mr. Kitty, Ms. Dominatrix, or a combination of the above?

Whatever tickles your fancy. I suggest mostly sticking with Spaz and Weiila though, I’m mostly a HTML drone, while they actually write.

Sidenote: Somehow your sig makes me, TD ^^;;

My sig turns young females into exact copies of myself? Awesome.

And that is precisely the reason why I have to kill you TD.
cures Weiila

Right… :hahaha;
Well, since I’m very close to having a whole week for myself, I have no excuse not to catch up on my reading.

That was supposed to be “makes me worried, TD” ^^;; The word ran away in Gallo’s direction! All try to stomp it down!

Ooh, THAT’S gonna hurt in the morning! :ulty:

Rockin’. Congrats, buddy.