Let's all play Jedi Academy!

TD WROTE ALL THIS OK (me or TD will edit this post whenever we get new content for everyone to download)

Jedi Academy info! I’ll dedicate this server once I figure out how. Note that I’m European so if I get 8 americans on the server things might lag a bit.

<b>Name:</b> RPGC
<b>Password:</b> RPGC

Your game needs to be patched to 1.0.1, if neccesary you can get the patch <a href=“http://www.lucasfiles.com/?s=&action=file&id=235”>here</a>.

To join a game, after patching, start up multiplayer mode. First go to Profile and set up your character (choosing a model and sabers), as well as configuring the settings and controls as normal. Then, go to join a game. Add new favorite, input the adress ( Change the game type from local to internet, and choose my game from the list.

Once you’ve connected, you’ll be able to set up your char, but if you already did that in Profile you won’t have to touch it. You will have to set up your Force Powers the first time around, though. Just click Force Powers, and grab ranks in the Powers that you want. Make sure to save that power profile under your name so you don’t have to do it every time.

After you’ve done that, just click apply, and you’re ready to go.

<b>Custom content</b>

This is custom content we’re using, you’re expected to have this installed to play so you don’t download it in mid-game. Skins and everything will be added in a day or so, after we’ve got the game working.


<a href=“http://files.filefront.com/Duel+Of+The+Fates+v2/;2407948;;/fileinfo.html”>Duel Of The Fates, v2</a>

I’m in, once I figure how to join your game. And I also have the other Dark Forces/Jedi Knight games too. :smiley:

It’s also worth noting at first we’ll be laying vanilla JA. No map packs, no skins, no extra mods. Nothing except the basic 1.01 patch from the official site. Assuming this takes off me and TD/TD on his own (lol) will put together a resource-filled pack tomorrow or sometime.

I’m in. I already have it installed.

edit: this site has a few things that might be of everyone’s interest. Assuming the said take-off, I figure it’d be fun to play with Darth Vader/Darth Maul models :smiley:


Right now we’'re all in various stages of download so we probably won’t be playing much before tomorrow when people actually have it installed. :frowning:

Teamspeak up

I’m downloading right now, will have it in a few hours. 3 hours, 21 minutes, to be precise.

Guys we’re all laughing at Dev in the TS server, join up and laugh along :smiley:

Freakin sweet. I can’t play yet, but at least I can do that.

Argh, motherfucker.

Something I remember now from the Quake 2 days. If I don’t host I can’t play. Urgh.

Also if you need it, grab a copy from TD or wherever TD got it from. The version I downloaded from DC++ won’t connect to anyone for some reason. :frowning:

Well, I still have it installed and patched, so I might be able to drop in now and then. As for extra stuff, you might also want to check www.pcgamemods.com which contains tons of models, skins, saber hilts and stuff like that. But who’s going to host the matches?

People, work on finding the 1.0.1 version of the Jedi academy dedicated server, so we can play whether or not TD is. He can just host it on his machine.

I’m in niggers. I actually purchased the game.

Me and TD just took TD’s server out for a spin, it works great! Now all we need is a BUNCH MORE PEOPLE GODDAMNIT! >:(

[u]/![/u] ATTN: RPGC RE: TD [u]/![/u]

Don’t stand near a chasm when playing TD because he can’t kill you any other way but force pushing you in HAHAAAHAHAHAH.

This game is a lot of fun and everyone should play. Anyone who wants to recommend a good map/mod step forward and be heard. :slight_smile:

I’ve already posted a link to Jedi Moves. Go check. They have models for many of the major characters and their saber hilts. Nice flick. Yoda’s saber is small, Dooku’s one is bended forwards.

I am killing you WITH MY MIND.

I want to see how this Duel map called “Throne Room” will play. It looks like the Emperor’s Throne Room from Return of the Jedi. I got it from the Jedi Moves site, but I uploaded it to my staff folder for the rest of you.


Yeah but you still lost all but one of the rounds. ZING.

Ideally at some point we’ll compile a big zip or rar that everyone can download so we don’t get constant lines of ‘do you have this model?’ when we try and play.