Lets all piss Xelo off :P


Thats the program used to make some of those animated sigs people have. Enjoy and shit.

link doesn’t work. damn.

It’s just a very basic program for making animated gifs

Wow, this is pretty cool.
I give this the “Coolest link of the week” award

Hell yeah! I’ve been looking for a nice simple GIF program like this for a while, thanks Frameskip!

How can you say that when its only Monday? How? HOW? Do you see the future? Will I ever marry?

Anyway, this is fun. Thanks

I saw a message in my soup with letter shapped noodles, it read:


so yah, thats how i know

You truly are a God. You should have made the word ‘Wang’ with the letters though.

I’m having a hard time importing bitmaps onto it: anyone know why? I try to import it and it just shows up as like a few scattered black dots.