Let the buyer (and seller) beware.

Ok, recently my mom got an email. Apparently she sold off a network card we had on eBay.

So the email comes back: I bought a network card, why the hell did I get an old, dialup modem?

Mom’s freaking out about this. HOW did this happen?

WEll it’s simple. I hooked up this computer to a router, but to do so, the computer needs a network card (mine already had one). Unfortuantley, there was nowhere I could stick it in, so I took out the modem, thinking we wouldn’t need it, and packed it up in the box that held the network card. I’m dead sure I told my mom I installed it.

But she thinks we havent’ used it (due to the issues of trying to set up this damn router) and completely forgot that it was used. Consequently, she took the box, and never verified what she was selling.

And thus she gets very embarrased, and hopes the guy doesn’t think she was trying to cheat him. Heh. Is funny.

So they buyer

Wow… yeah, if that were my mom, shed be pissed at me for messing with the computer stuff… even though any time she needs somthing done on it, i’d hear “seeeeeean!”

YOUR MOM! is dumb

Silly mom.
Always check. Then sell.